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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Omaha, NE

It must have something to do with the holiday weekend coming up.  Freight is just weird.

My dispatchers couldn't get me a load to Minneapolis for the weekend.  That's the bad news....

The good news is two-fold:

a) with the holiday weekend, once I get to Indianapolis tonight, I won't have to be anywhere until Tuesday evening with concern to work. I'm going to rent a car and drive to Minneapolis.  I had considered renting a car for the weekend anyway... I just hadn't planned on driving it to Minneapolis.  Praise Allah for unlimited mileage weekend rates. With not having to be back until Tuesday, I can spend all of Monday as a travel day and still get a full two days in the Twin Cities... although after driving all night in the car, I don't know what kind of shape I'll be in tomorrow.

b) the trip I'm picking up Tuesday night finals in Richmond, VA... my birthplace and home to my grandfather who has been in and out of the hospital lately.  I can likely make a side-trip there next week and visit with him.

Goodness, this has become a weird week.

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peptalk sets mode: +o soopageek

youd think that since you DRIVE FOR A LIVING that for your days off, that would be the LAST thing you'd wanna do. hmmhmmhmhmhmh?

Re: peptalk sets mode: +o soopageek

nice subject!

yeah... well, i was planning on driving it anyway, only i had planned to do it in the truck and be paid for it... instead i had to fork out cash for a rental and gasoline... also, with taking the truck, Mike woulda helped out with the driving... instead i had to do it all :(

Of Course you know the next time your near Danville you should come visit us at least ;)

definitely.... that's so close to where i am all the time when i'm home, you can count on it

I've been meaning to tell you that I really enjoyed your shoe tree pictures, but I wanted to link this picture, and I didn't have the time to search for it. Thanks for sharing them.

that's a cool picture.... thanks

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