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(no subject)
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Minneappolis, MN (really, Bloomington)

Last night at A Prairie Home Companion was awesomeatthestarz has been a totally cool hostess with the mostest and in the few minutes I got to visit with hockeyfag last night, he seemd to be cool as well.  At the moment, I'm sitting in the food court at The Mall Of America with atthestarz.  We're waiting on hockeyfag, who is somewhere on the premises to find us and then we're going to walk around for a bit.  I'll write in more detail once my trip is over, and, as usuall, I'll have a zillion pictures.  Still to come on my visit, I'm supposed to see a shoe tree and hockeyfag is supposed to take me for an airplane ride AND we mgiht go shoot guns, too!

I hope everyone managed to make it through the Livejournal crash of 2005 without too much streetstress and discomfort.

pssssst....  atthestarz is foxy.


Edit To Add: Street?!?!? Where the hell did that come from?

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yeah i definitely want to see pictures :D

awesome! I'd love to see GArrison KEillor live, that would rock rock rock.

Yes, I survivied the crash. And damnit, I want to hang out with foxy chicks :-)

What, you mean being in your own presence doesn't count? ;-)

okay I'm embarassed now.. *blush*

Bah... no need to be embarassed.

Actually, I always thought you were an attractive lass.... it's just that when I met you 15 years ago it would've been totally inappropriate to have made mention of such things... what with me being married and you being... 15? ;-)

Embrace your foxiness!

glad you're having fun hanging with a foxy girl.

yet another for the list of platonic girlfriends... i must be a masochist... ;-)

shucks. i was getting excited. i thought that this one might get you over that hurdle.

heheh... should the day ever come i hope to god it's like riding a bicycle ;-)

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