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Life handed us a paycheck. We said, "We worked harder than this?!?!"
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Black River Falls, WI

I have had a blast this weekend staying with atthestarz and visiting with hockeyfag.  I will write on this more, complete with the obligatory pictures in the coming days.  As for now I am in transit to Indiana to reunite with the truck and Mike for a trip to Virginia.  I decided a brief respite at the Flying J here was in order, for lunch and to check-up on LJ.  Staring down this drive isn't pleasant...  I would've been just as content to stay holed up in Minneapolis watching TLC in the good company of my hostess and playing with kitties.

I got a phone call this morning from my dispatcher.  It seems the truck is due for preventive maintenance...  they could've told me this Friday when I parked the truck at the terminal for the weekend!  I could've left the keys with them so they could take care of it while I was gone.  Now I have to get back there and get on the shoplist and wait until that is completed before heading for VA.  Sometimes the inefficiency of working for a large corporation is more than I can stand.

I think I'm going to by-pass Chicago and slip down through Bloomington, IL... driving through Chicagoland is more than I'm inclined to deal with this afternoon... plus there'll be less tolls.

Edit To Add: It's snowing like a mother fucker. Where's March?