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Location: Indianapolis, IN

I got to spend a few hours with my grandfather in Richmond, VA the other night.  He's 84.  His health has been deteriorating rapidly over the past few years, although he still has his wits about him.  He's still as funny and sharp as ever.  But he's become more feeble and seeing him the past year or so has become sort of bittersweet.  I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to spend time with him, yet at the same time I can't help but wonder if it will be the last, especially with the distance I live from him.  When I found out I was going to be in Richmond this week, I knew I would have to visit him if I had the time -  since I'm not sure how many more of those opportunities I will have.  And if I had been in town and blown it off because I was "too busy" and then something did happen the guilt would be crushing.  Someone once said always part ways with someone like it's the last time... you should also make an effort to visit with loved ones like it may be the last opportunity.  Don't pass up those moments, 'cos you just never know.

Mike did most of the driving today and with the help of Semagic I have:

1) composed THREE more Minneapolis entries and am done with them!  I posted one just moments ago... I will spread the other two out since they are kinda big posts.
2) I also completed my 2004 Year In Photos entry I've been working on.  I will post those after I finish the Minneapolis series.

In all I spent, like 8 hours writing journal entries.  You fuckers better comment and shit - 'cos I'm just a big ol' whore.

Heading to Colorado to start the week.  This will place me in Kansas City sometime early-to-mid afternoon on Monday. I left a comment for lacyunderall, since she should have nothing else better to do during the DAYTIME at the moment, I figure she can at least let me buy her a cup of coffee or lunch or something.  Unfortunately, I presume justamy will be working.  If for some reason there's some super-secret holiday I don't know about and you're off, let me know.

I should be losing Mike sometime next week and getting another new guy.  Which'll mean a couple of super-easy weeks for me while he get's broke-in. 

There's this super-cool pawn shop in Martinsville, IN with jazillions of used CD's and DVD's.  And they have this deal where you buy one, get one free....  yeah I got three CD's and three DVD's for 25 bucks. What'd I get?  Ummm, I was in a late 80's/early 90's hip-hop mood so I got some X-clan, Brand Nubian, and EPMD.  For the movies I got The Tuxedo 'cos I'm not ashmaed to admit I like Jackie Chan movies.  I also got the MTV/Rock'n'Roll Romeo + Juliet movie with Leo and Claire...  not that I am a huge fan of the film, but because I have oft stated my intention to collect film version of Shakespeare movies.  Plus it's got John Leguizamo in it, who just rocks.  And I also got Donnie Darko, which as I recall I enjoyed when I saw it a couple of years ago.  Guess I'll rewatch it sometime and confirm that.  I should have some Netflix waiting on me at the house, too. 

I was getting some cash from one of the old-fashioned bank ATM's, you know the kind that suck your card into it and won't give it back until you're done?  Yeah, totally spaced and walked away from the machine without waiting for it to spit my card back at me.  Can we say doofus?  It took me an hour of phone-calling to get my old card cancelled and a new one issued and sent to my address.  Man, I'm gonna hafta, like, carry cash and write checks and stuff.  That's soooo last century.

One more super-gratuitous "super", just to make sure you're paying attention.

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