It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

birfday wish

Oh yeah, I don't ordinarily whore for birthday gifts and Christmas presents...  in the world of LJ and my attention needs, comments are ample.  But, there is something that I would like for my birthday, which is one week from today.  If some of the more graphically adept folks on my friend's list are willing, I would like some graphics for a personal website.  Maybe banners and what-not.  If someone were so inclined, even a rough layout of an HTML page that I can hack around on.... I have, for so long now, been wanting to put something more permanent and presentable at, but I really don't have proclivity for such things, as anyone who has ever viewed any of my websites can attest.  So,  if the spirit moves you, I won't mind...  incorporate whatever you want into whatever you do... the "soopageek" name, photos I've posted, anything.  It might end up being a clash of colors, images, and font, from various corners but it would be a gift of love - a site inspired by my compadres on LJ. Whatever is given me in the spirit of my 35th birthday will be used in some manner or another, just because it was a gift that you took the time to make me.  See, that's much easier and cheaper than an Amazon wishlist, right?
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