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birfday wish
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Oh yeah, I don't ordinarily whore for birthday gifts and Christmas presents...  in the world of LJ and my attention needs, comments are ample.  But, there is something that I would like for my birthday, which is one week from today.  If some of the more graphically adept folks on my friend's list are willing, I would like some graphics for a personal website.  Maybe banners and what-not.  If someone were so inclined, even a rough layout of an HTML page that I can hack around on.... I have, for so long now, been wanting to put something more permanent and presentable at soopageek.com, but I really don't have proclivity for such things, as anyone who has ever viewed any of my websites can attest.  So,  if the spirit moves you, I won't mind...  incorporate whatever you want into whatever you do... the "soopageek" name, photos I've posted, anything.  It might end up being a clash of colors, images, and font, from various corners but it would be a gift of love - a site inspired by my compadres on LJ. Whatever is given me in the spirit of my 35th birthday will be used in some manner or another, just because it was a gift that you took the time to make me.  See, that's much easier and cheaper than an Amazon wishlist, right?

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happy birthday! what style were you thinking? i totally hate / dread doing web design these days too, and have as many as eight pointless domains by now, but for whatever reason i'm happy to do little bits of design etc. for other people.

dude, at this point, i don't care... anything is better than plain text :)

be as whimsical, tacky, cool, or elegant as you like... by website is an empty canvas :)

ok, fair enough. do you have any visions at all for content, though?!

happy birthday in advance!

it shows that i haven't really done any significant web design since 1998. i can't even get those stupid little CSS text boxes to come up where i want 'em! wonder what i'm doing wrong. anyhow, i'm happy to change around the sidebar link text to say whatever and in whatever order, but other than that, now it's up to one of your other 2758 superfriends! i'm sure one of them has much more mad HTML skillz at this point than i do.

ps: font = here. i used the free set, "D-Type." originally i was going to make a Soopageek road sign with this, but it looked really obvious and silly. nice font for other things though!

Awesome! See, I have no imagination or skeelz when it comes to things of this nature. You probbly whipped that up without even working up a sweat... something as simple as that would've taken me HOURS.

imagination? hardly. it's all about the warez!

You wouldn't happen to have those two graphics whole and unsliced still lying around would you?

actually, i just re-read your previous comment about being able to redo them to wathever text, therefore you must :)... the way they got sliced up makes it hard for something i'm trying to do, haxxor your creation into a frame layout which incorporates LJ into the main window... it'd be much smoother sailing if i had the two graphics in their whole-state :)... as for the text, you know i hadn't thought that far in advance.... lemme think on it... otherwise, i like the general feel...

yeah, i know. basically it was just a draft quickie layout, i didn't want to finalize anything until i had word from you on the sidebar.

i've got everything, all done in illustrator where everything can be separated, i'll be parting it out, gimme a minute...

k, posted new sidebar menu alone, along with title header, individual scribbles, and .psd / .ai files (which photoshop can read-- set width of rasterized file to 800px if you want your sizes to match these?). here.

Ok, I thunk.

How's about a side-bar with "Blog", "Photos", "Music", "Other", "Links"...

Alternately, if you just gimme the scribble graphic unadulterated by words, I'm sure I could fashion words myself in Photoshop rather handily and then cut them up and re-assemble them. I have a strong enough grasp of HTML to layout a simple page... it's the total lack of imagination with respect to graphics that inhibits me. Just having the scribbly images to work with is a huge, HUGE help. :)

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