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New Website layout
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Yeah, so I was totally lazy yesterday.  After all the visiting in Minneapolis, with my granfather, and having Mike in the truck constantly - the solitutde after he went home for the weekend was a godsend.  I had planned on going home yesterday, but, the peace and quiet and being all alone in the truck with a decent WiFi connection just felt SO GOOD.  So I blew off yesterday entirely... goofed around with my website, played cards, read journals.

Speaking of the website; lossfound came through for me with some basic web-design.  I had some slightly different ideas for layout than what he gave me, but I used all of his graphics in what I did create.  So go see my revamped homepage already!  I even have started re-doing the photo-gallery.  After a discussion with hockeyfag last weekend about Gallery I decided to give it a go.  Wooo, it is so much easier than that blasted Java app I had been using.  So far I've got all the the 2003 photo sets migrated to Gallery, as well as the entire set of photos from my recent to trip to New York City with Mike that I had never gotten online.  I also thinking of doing a "Photo of the Moment" on the splash page to the website, but I haven't made up my mind on that just yet. I'm also gonna hafta overhaul my livejournal so it doesn't clash quite so bad in the frame.

I'm still whoring for any graphics or layout ideas, though.  So, if any of the rest of you wanna contribute, just send it my way.  I still have a "Music", "Links", and "Other" section to implement... :)

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Hey there, the pics are great. The one of the Peach, would that
happen to be the one in Clanton Al?

I know I took that picture on a trip from Auburn, AL up to Delaware, but if memory serves me correctly, I took that photo in South Carolina.

Cool. Didnt realize there was another huge Peach tower somewhere, lol.

i like what you did with the crap! i think i would probably try and coordinate the color scheme on each page, though. if you need me to make a color-inverted version of anything, let me know.

Cool thanks... I haven't even gotten that far yet, right now I'm just trying to get it laid out and get Gallery filled with pix.... then I'll wory about colorz... I'll see where it leads me :)

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