It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

i always find it amusing when you re-discover music you had forgotten about.... take for instance, brenda kahn... i'm not a fan or anything, but i dearly love her Epiphany In Brooklyn album... so while searching for soemthing else to listen to (Gang of Four) i stumbled across it and threw it on instead..... i love her lyrics... although often bleak, very smart and clever....

"next to the club where your girlfriend is dancing on the bar
i left a stain on your glass, you called it a scar" -mint juleps & needles

"there's a motel 6 outside louisville, kentucky
people are large and Clearing House lucky" -i don't sleep i drink coffee instead

"don't you think it's hard enough
people sleepin' in the street, kids lookin' tough
and no one down here is keepin' score
couldn't you just love me one night more" -mojave winters

"it's so hard, it makes me sigh
he's been lying on that couch since the 4th of july
and it's sad, it's sorry and i'm starting to think
i could drown this damn world in one good drink" -she's in love

"and the tragic mess with the pout and a beer
desperately trying to make sex look sincere
and ignoring my friends who are too drunk to fear
and the band still sweating a sardonic sneer
and i know that i'm gone but i'm not going anywhere" -in indiana

(and the big finale)

these hands lead me, i follow you down
i'm losing time, there's no sleep in this
i'm losing time, why did i pick you up?
so you could put me down
the sunset's like suicide, face down like gutter drunks
why do i say the wrong things at all the wrong times?
these hands wrapped around my corset untying
red flags flying
the sunset's like suicide, face down, drunks on the curbside
he's lonesome port-of-call, i am losing my mind
reckless abandonment
i'm a sorry excuse for a truck stop
i'm so sorry for what i'm not
i am sorry for everything
and why did you set me up?
just to set me down
ohhh, this is suicide
and you are laughing at me now
but i'm not listening
the hotel keeper bleary-eyed and bloodshot
the trees are crying, the Potomac
little man in my head is laughing
this is suicide
and these hands lead me, i follow you down
i'm losing time and there's no sleep in this
emotionless abyss this reckless abandonment
i follow you down across this trainwreck of time

-losing time
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