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photobucket rape
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Davenport, Iowa

As most of you probably have already discerned, my bandwidth has been exceeded for the month of January at Photobucket.  What is interesting about this is that, this is an old account I never use any more.  It was a photobucket account I began last year and I filled it up about a month or two ago.  Of course, rather than pay for their premium services, I simply opened a new, free account under a different name and e-mail addy.  So, basically, this is an account filled with old pictures and I used it to link to old pictures from the previous year.

So I went to photobucket today after finding out that I had exceeded my bandwidth as, under normal circumstances, this is impossible.  The new account where I have recently posted all those Minneapolis photos from last weeked has only used about a half gig of bandwidth for the current month.  The old account?  In excess of TWO gigs!  Two gigs of photo viewing... that's.. a LOT.  A photo of mine has been linked somewhere and just hammered the photobucket account. 

Anyway, Mike and I will be sitting here in Davenport for the evening and it is my intention to upload the necessary photos to my web server to make the Year in Pictures entry workableand then I will edit the links.  I will let you know when it is finished.

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When you take a look at redupping your webhosting service, take a look at dreamhost. I've used them for years and love them.


actually, i've been fairly happy with my webhosting with my current needs.... but dreamhost.com does look good should I ever decide to crawl up out ofthe bargain hosting strata... it's hard to beat $5.50/mo... :)

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