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i'm on the cutting edge, or something
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Much like the way I never read manuals, I also am very relunctant to change, particularly when it comes to my computer.  I seldom update programs to newer versions if the current version does precisely what I need it to do.  To give you a good example, I was still using Windows 98 as my preferred OS until last year.  When the web became a big deal I began my browsing experiences with Netscape.  At the time, they were the standard in web browsers as Microsoft had been a bit slow to get in the game.  Eventually, though, it became clear to me that IE was far superior to Netscape...  it was more elgant and it loaded faster.  Say what you want about the evil empire, they occasionally do get it right.  When lossfound suggested I try Firefox some months ago, I took it in my usual stride.  IE does everything I need it to do, no sense in looking elsewhere, right?  But then hockeyfag mentioned it as well...  so I threw caution to the wind.

And so far I'm rather pleased.  I haven't gotten into everything I can or can't do with it yet, but so far I am very impressed.  One of the nice features is the way you can tab your web journies into a single window of Firefox, rather than having a jazillion IE windows open.  When you right-click a link, you have the option not only to open it in a new window, but to open it in a tab in the same window.  Too cool!  you can even open up your entire bookmarks toolbar in one window of tabs with a single click! And they all load simultaneously.. in one window! Awesome! lossfound told me way-back-when that they even have a plug-in that puts a search bar for Allmusic in the window which I am happy to report is a Dream Come True.

The only negative side so far is that it seems to be a bit wonky about cut 'n paste from one window to another... I encountered this in particular when working with my new-fangled photo gallery.  I also will still have to use IE for playing in The Zone, but that's no big deal.

Speaking of the new-fangled photo Gallery... stick a fork in it, it's done, dude.  I still need to work with the appearance and get a more tasteful page color, but the grunt work of migrating all the photos from the old album to this one has been completed.  I even have all 4783428234975982735874 pictures from my weekend in Minneapolis online now, if you care to take a gander.

I'm thinking about starting an amatuer photography club.  More details to follow if I actually do.  Anyone local interested?

Mike and I have to deliver in Chicago in the morning, then we're heading home.  Hopefully, Mike will be allowed to process out in Indy on my way through and he can get his own truck in the coming days.  As for me, I should be home by tomorrow (Thursday) night.  The downside to that is I have to be back in Colorado by Monday morning, and whether by myself or with a new trainee it's going to be a two day trip, so leaving sometime mid-day Saturday will be my only option.  Depending on how things go and my timetable...  I might be in Kansas City sometime over the weekend with some time to spare.  So, lacyunderall?  Fifth time's a charm?

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Phil tried for the longest time to get me to use Firefox and I always said no. Finally, I broke down. Why not? Right? Well, now.. I spread the word of Firefox like wildfire. I love it.

i too have been preaching the gospel of firefox for a year and a half now at every opportunity. in particular, because it's not as tightly integrated with the windows shell as is IE, and also blocks popup windows by default, it limits the number of nasty tricks those malicious web types can play on you. i prescribed it for both Anne and my sister-in-law, who presented me with machines that had been crippled with ridiculous amounts of spyware. since switching to firefox, they've had no further problems. but for a savvy user like yourself (!), this is something less of an issue, perhaps.

one annoyance you will encounter, and this is more Adobe's fault than anyone else, is that if you are using Acrobat Reader 5 or particularly 6 you're gonna have some problems with PDF files sooner rather than later. i'd upgrade to the free Reader 7 ASAP, or pick one of the freeware / open-source alternatives to Reader that are starting to pop up.

hey, if you're leaving out mid-Saturday, I won't be able to take you to Drac's this weekend :(

Either way it's cool, he and Scott will be living there for a while yet, hehe, so there's always sometime in the nearer future.

oh you caught me in the midst of dinner! I'll be on for a while yet, I'm invisible right now, but I'll rectify that... NOW.


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