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HTML? I ain't skeeered!
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
I spent the evening working on the website and the journal and I think I'm about 90% pleased with the outcome.  I really, really have been wanting to switch to the "component" style journal for some time so I finally got around to using that, but I don't like that it scrolls off the right edge of the frame when it loads at my website.  I don't know of a way to fix it, either.  I know why it does it, though. Cos of the size of the pictures I post. Maybe I'll start scaling them down. Other than that, though, I'm pleased with the colors and general appearance.  While I was at it, I went ahead and renewed my paid account.  Yay more icons! 

One thing nifty about the "component" style is that you can change the "current" things to something else... and since I never use the moods, I changed it to Current Location.  This entry is the first to test it....

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(Deleted comment)
hahaa... and thanks for the tip, it never occured to me to check n\and see how it would work on a friend's page... i even went to a friend of mine who uses the component style for their journal and it said mood, too


that's kinda dumb... what's the point of changing it if the only place it shows up correctly is at your own journal? imean, it's not like most LJ people have huge non-LJ readerships that access it directly from the page...

You should change the image on the entrance page to your website to the shoe tree. ;-)

actually, i am thinking about doing a photo of the week/month or something on the splash page... i'm sure the shoe tree would be one of the first :)

but i'm already in mental overload designing what little i have... my HTML skeelz are feeble... baby steps, dude, baby steps... ;-)

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