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Minneapolis shoe tree photo published
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
After some e-mail correspondence with an editor at the Roadside America website last weekend, he decided to publish one of my photos of the shoe tree in Minneapolis in their latest tips section. They even watermarked "Soopageek" into the lower right-hand corner of the photo.  Rock.

I've mentioned several times about the havoc it wreaked on Photobucket... so here are places it was linked to, in some fashion or another cos I'm a big attentnion whore:

http://blog.lostboyscout.com/ivo/archive/2005/01/14/433.aspx (They didn't even bother to link to the original post, they just swiped my photo)

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The picture of it that I like best is the one where you just see branches and shoes. The shoes sort of look like birds. :)

The little footnote on roadside america is funny. So the suicidals aren't trying to off themselves via the shoe tree itself, eh? Fascinating.

Yeah it was a strange thing to learn about... I learned of that bit of info when I was e-mmailing with the dude... it seems there are at least 1 or 2 jumpers per year from that bridge apparently....

Every six months, someone jumps off a bridge somewhere in the Twin Cities. It's most common where high stress, lofty overpasses, and youthful angst converge--at the University. Washington Avenue bridge, towering a hundred feet over the Mississippi, is the site of at least one jump each year. Here, 25 years ago, Pulitzer poet John Berryman hurdled into eternity.

Congrats on your shoe tree pictures, it appears word is spreading quickly and your on your way to a reputation as "soopageek-shoe tree photographer"

that's better than the frequently masturbating truck driver

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