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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Evansville, IN

I stayed up all night last night in anticipation of driving the night shift tonight across Kansas.  After reuniting with Mike, I promptly went to bed while he drove to Ferdinand, IN to pick up our load.  He wakes me up an hour and a half later becaues he says there is no load.  I get myself alert, and have this recollection of the previous week whereby we had gone to Ferdinand and he said there was no load.  Last week, rather than check the mailbox where they place the paperwork for pre-laoded trailer myself, I had walked inside with him to find someone from shipping.  The guy from shipping proceeded to lead us back to the mailboxes and produced the required paperwork in about 5 seconds flat...

Not eager to make the same mistake again, I accompanied Mike to the mailboxes to make sure he hadn't just missed it, again.  Unfortauntely, he hadn't just missed them this time.  It really wasn't there.  To make matters worse, being a Sunday, the plant was closed.  To make things yet even more worse, my dispatchers don't work on weekends either.

After spending a few moments checking all Werner trailers on the lot to insure that the load was not there, I left a message for weekend dispatch about the problem then instructed Mike to take us here to the truck-stop in Evansville.  I knew night-weekend would simply tell us to call our regular dispatchers in the morning.

I got up at 5pm.  Heh.  Mike told me he got a message from weekend dispatch stating that another driver had picked up the load and taken it.  And that we were to wait until morning.  Lovely.  So, now I'll be up all night.  At least I have internet.

I hung out with fujerica and her hubby last night for my birthday.  It involved good food, ogling women way to young for any of us, good conversation, and much file trading.  Shamelss whore that I am, I would be negligent if I didn't point out that she showered me with some glowing praise in her subsequent journal entry.  Not mention there's a cool photo of her ferret that I took.  I've never really "got" ferret people... or more precisely, what the attraction them as a pet is, but her ferret is really sweet.  She tickled my leg trying to crawl up my pant leg!  One thing that's fun about hanging out with those two is that they share a lot of common musical interests, especially our love for novelty music.  Also, fujerica and I go way back when it comes to music... Sonic Youth, Negativland, Monster Magnet...  we have some tastes which intersect quite frequently.  Music geek that I can be, just being in the presence of someone who shares some is always a blast.  The course of our friendship was arrested for over 10 years due to circumstances within and without our control...  I don't intend to let that happen again.

So what does one do when he's going to be up all night but has a decent internet connection?  Why, play hearts, that's what.

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At least you have the internet...

By the way, your top 100 albums thing is genius, especially coming from you. I now have some new albums to get into and enjoy. Thanks!


So other drivers will take your trailer ahead of you? bastards.. Or did they double dispatch?

I'm not sure what happened. It might've been a double-dispatch, or it may have just been driver error. There was another load there going to central Colorado that might've been what the other driver was supposed to take and he just messed up. I'll probably never know... what I do know is that it sucked leaving a day early for nothing.

aww I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it.
You rock :-)

May I suggest online chess?

Geeky, but always a challenge.

i have been known to occasionally play chess online... wanna play?

I'm terribly frightened at the fact that you will probably kick my ass at a game of chess.

ha, are you kidding? i suck at chess... i play too agressive and have no patience for establishing any manner of defense, often making dumb misakes in the process...

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