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This entry is mainly for me, but it may be of interest to some.

The Beastie Boys are touring Australia at the moment.  Why do I care?  Because site traffic has doubled for the month of January over December.  Some time this past week, my humble site had it's 200,000th visitor.  I guess 800 visitors per week isn't too bad for a site in sore need of an update.  Maybe I should find the motiviation to finish annotating that last album of theirs.  I haven't done a site update since June!

A while back I discovered that the guestbook at the site had been hacked due to a security "feature" in the PHP program I was using.  I was, and still am, pretty sure that I patched it all up...  the login/password hasn't been hi-jacked again, at the very least.  Yet, according to the traffic logs, the guestbook still receives an inordinate amount of hits in comparison with the rest of the site.  I'm guessing that the URL is still on some hax0ring boards somewhere, leading people where they think they're going to find a place they can be mischeivous. It's kind of amusing because the last six entries on it appear to be entries from those sorts of people - frustrated would-be hackers.

See, the gist of the hacking job was that - you could enter a link that included an in-line frame so that, if your message was the first to load when the board loaded, it would basically open whatever website the hacker wanted in place of the guestbook.  The easy thing to do to avoid this sort of thing is to turn-off HTML code in the entries.  The security problem though, was the by entering a certain string of text into the admin login, you could take control of the board - and turn HTML code on.  All six of these recent entires are Russian in origin, either the return e-mail address or the web business they refer to, so I'm guessing either 1) some Russian hacker is bumbling around attempting to find some creative ways to generate traffic for his click-through pay or 2) the URL for the guestbook is on some Russian hacking site.  Fuckers.  Hackers like to think of themselves as some sort of watch-dog on the security community, keeping them on their toes by exploiting their software. My hackers didn't do anything, really, except make me aware (and the folks who wrote the PHP source) that there was a security hole.  But really, if there were no one trying to hack into things, it'd be a moot issue in the first place. The old addage that "locks keep an honest man, honest" still rings true...  real security is for protecting you from assholes.

I love flash videos.  Every now and then I'll come across some and then I go nuts and start searching around and following links, viewing a lot of them.

While stumbling around the internet I discovered this website from Notre Dame High School whereby students are learning Flash animation.  To engage the student, they make videos out of pop songs with their animation.  Some of them are awesome!  If you have some time to kill, check them out.  The chick that did "I'm Just a Girl" did a bang-up job with her text manipulation...  and the Beastie Boys "Interglactic" video is hysterical.  The System of a Down video ain't so bad either.

So my trip took me to other places...  here's some other fun ones:
Elvis Lives  In Flash
Plaid Ninjas!
A nice homage to Monty Python, but a bit longer than it needs to be
This one is cute!  And very well drawn
WOW! (lossfound check this out)
One for the Windows haters
and one for the Mac haters
Probably not work safe, but funny as shit
This one's for lacyunderall: Laid Off. This actually an entire series of Flash Cartoons that are a riot, and probably not work-safe due to language

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