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Well, I went ahead and did something I may regret later.  I found a webhosting company that claims to have unmetered bandwidth for $7.95/mo. However, I had to purchase it at the annual cost.  We'll see if it really is unmetered or not, I guess.  It has a 14-day money-back guarantee, so I suppose there is nothing to lose.  At the rate I'm going, I'll use nearly 100G within 14 days.  I went ahead and re-linked all the shoetree photos to the new host.  Now I have to make a decision on whether to transfer there or register some other domain name there since, per their terms of agreement, I'm only permitted to link through the IP address rather than a registered domain for 72 hours.  Continuing to do so after that would be considered a breach of contract. 

The problem is that, while there is much more generous bandwidth, they provide fewer of the other things which I have taken for granted.  For instance, I can only register ONE DOMAIN (unless of course I pay to have more), and I'm currently hosting two others in addition to  I'm considering registering a new domain name and keeping everything at the other host the way it is just for simplicity's sake.  At the very least I need to get the bandwidth opened back up so I can get my stuff off the site, anyway.  The new domain would become my "publishing" domain, seperate from my personal pages and other web entities. 

The other option is that I could get a domain for the Beastie Boys website and host it there, in addition to using it for photo hosting.  Next to my photos, the Beastie Boys site generates the most traffic of anything else.  And it probably really should have it's own domain given its popularity, rather than just being a sub-domain of

The third option would be to move to the new host AND make it my publishing domain.  I'm kind of partial to the nick...  it's been unique for 8 years now.  No one else seems to try and use it anywhere.  I never encounter a problem creating accounts at various places and my name is already taken, requiring me to add numbers and what-not to it.  I also think it's fairly simple to remember and there's something elegant about the double-double vowels...  something that would be useful in creating a marketable web presence.  However, at the same time, I'm not sure I want to mix the name with a "marketable web presence".

One thing's for sure, taking on the added financial strain to open this new host, especially considering I wasn't really prepared to (my poor checking account is now toast in addition to my bandwidth) should motivate me to maybe do something serious with the idea of publishing work on the web, at least to break-even.  Sure livejournal is fun and will continue to be for along time to come... I've made many friends and it's an outlet for me to dump stupid, boring shit like this on you every day ;-)... but maybe there's a bigger audience for some more polished work awaiting me as well.

And so, I value all of your opinions... should I:

1) make my "publishing" entity?
2) create a new entity?  And if so, suggestions for names?
3) move the Beastie Boys site there and keep everything else as is?

Any comments from ALL of you will be greatly appreciated.  I have driving to do for the next couple of hours and my mind is going to be racing with the possibilities.  But it's something I need to at least tentatively decide on within the next 24 hours so I can get a domain pointing over there to the new host.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
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