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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

After some correspondence with my host provider, is now back on-line.  Of course, I'm still hosting those photos at the new place.  It was interesting to get into the control panel and see the traffic logs.  I averaged in access of 2,000 hits per hour for February 1st.  In all, over 82,000 hits in a 24 hour period - representing about 10,000 actual visits.  The entry in found_objects referred 73,000 of those hits.

Damn.  Never in a million years did I expect it to go as nuts as it did.

I have taken everyone's input into consideration and I think I agree with you...  I think that, should I pursue some sort of more polished web publishing, I shall do it at the domain.  Now I just gotta get it all transferred over to the new space.  Speaking of which, if some of my more warez-minded friends could recommend (preferably with a download link) an FXP program, that'd be mighty sweet.  I haven't FXP'd anything in ages and it would make getting my photo gallery from one host to the other a lot easier, not to mention, faster.

I finally got Mike off the truck this evening and got a new guy.  His name is Bob.  I really haven't had much time to get to know Bob, since it's so late.  He's already sleeping, in fact.  Which I should be, too.  We're heading for Oregon, tomorrow and have four days to get there.  This means I will be sitting in the passenger seat for the next week with nothing to do but fiddle with the laptop playing games and watching movies.

I will be in Kansas City tomorrow night, probably late in the evening...  but with all this domain/host crap, I'm tapped financially.  But I'd love to hang out with someone if'n ya want.

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I've used WS-FTP forever and I love it.

does WS-FTP have FXP capability? i've never used WS-FTP, i've always been a fan of Bulletproof...

Oh, I'm sorry, I read that as fTp. What is FXP?

it's like FTP, in that it uses the FTP protocol, but you establish the connection between two remote machines rather than 1 remote and 1 local... it kinda works as a middle man, but that actual data transfer happens between the two remote machines rather than coming you first... cuts out half the process of moving something from one remote machine to another than if you just downloaded it then re-upped it :)

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