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After some correspondence with my host provider, is now back on-line.  Of course, I'm still hosting those photos at the new place.  It was interesting to get into the control panel and see the traffic logs.  I averaged in access of 2,000 hits per hour for February 1st.  In all, over 82,000 hits in a 24 hour period - representing about 10,000 actual visits.  The entry in found_objects referred 73,000 of those hits.

Damn.  Never in a million years did I expect it to go as nuts as it did.

I have taken everyone's input into consideration and I think I agree with you...  I think that, should I pursue some sort of more polished web publishing, I shall do it at the domain.  Now I just gotta get it all transferred over to the new space.  Speaking of which, if some of my more warez-minded friends could recommend (preferably with a download link) an FXP program, that'd be mighty sweet.  I haven't FXP'd anything in ages and it would make getting my photo gallery from one host to the other a lot easier, not to mention, faster.

I finally got Mike off the truck this evening and got a new guy.  His name is Bob.  I really haven't had much time to get to know Bob, since it's so late.  He's already sleeping, in fact.  Which I should be, too.  We're heading for Oregon, tomorrow and have four days to get there.  This means I will be sitting in the passenger seat for the next week with nothing to do but fiddle with the laptop playing games and watching movies.

I will be in Kansas City tomorrow night, probably late in the evening...  but with all this domain/host crap, I'm tapped financially.  But I'd love to hang out with someone if'n ya want.

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