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random LJ stuff

Everyone should go read this entry made by a new friend, tinywarrior.  It is one of the more well-written, thoughtful, and touching entries I have read around LJ in some time.  Everyone in the WORLD should read this entry.

draysha68 and thawaltzingfool:  just... stop it.  It's been a loooooong time for some of us. ;-)

I t'ought I taw'd a psycat90!  I did! I did see a psycat90.

It took a few days, but I have actualy gotten some repsonse ($12) to the donation button at the bottom of the shoe tree entry in found_objects.  Which is good because, in the process of opening that new hosting, I managed to overdraw my checking account and incurred $60 in overdraft charges.  Yikes!

Holy crap this is cool!  Make your entire journal into a PDF book! Complete with photos and comments.  It turns all your links into footnotes at the end of your article.  My entire journal in PDF format, however, is like, 38 megs.  Yikes.  That's a big honkin' file.  Maybe I'll redo it later in a "yearly" fashion.

Someone who should write stuff like this more often is pharminatrix:

"I smiled back and walked as I had been walking, parallel to him who aped my pace and direction catlike. We knew each to each even as we strode in parallel spystance, converging slightly towards a swinging rope which at the last second he ducked beneath. In a quantum eternal blink, our trajectories converged on my side of the rope. [. . .] A shy quick kiss of strangeness and knowing and then we enfolded each other, my face buried in his scarf, neck, hair, scent. I know we spoke but I don't know whether or not aloud. Bat Country deluxe. He held me there and I held him and he was much more my height than I expected. He told me later he had glimpsed a young child eyeing us as she walked nearby, hurried along by Mother with a tight hand grip. Somewhere, forever, this child knows what it looks like when spy loves spy."

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