It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

so long Bob

Location: Denver, CO

Bob woke me up this morning and he was in excruciating pain.  Most likely his kidney.  He said he had problems with a kidney stone about 4 months ago but he's been fine ever since.  He and I decided that, since we were in Denver, it would probably be best if we went to the terminal my company has here and get him set up with a motel room.  We did just that and then I took him to the hospital.  The good folks at the hotel assured as that he could call them for a ride in their courtesy van later in the afternoon when he was finished.

Two days must be some kind of record for the length of time a trainee is on board before getting off the truck.  As I was driving from the truckstop where we spent the night to the terminal, he was lying on the bunk in obvious discomfort.  Wild imagination that I have, I began sorting through all of the worse possible scenarios.  Like what if he died before I got to the terminal?  While it would be tragic, on the other hand, it would be morbidly funny.  Can you imagine what it would be like telling my next student that the last one died?

He didn't and was actually beginning to feel a bit better when we parted ways outside the emergency room of the hospital.  I called student planning to see if they had other students waiting here in Denver.  Nope.  Or Portland, where I'll be by Monday?  Negatory.  But I'll be in the Portland area for a day and a half, so maybe someone will become available the first part of the week that I can get.  Otherwise, it's not likely I will get a new student until late in the week, either again in Denver or possibly Omaha.

At any rate, this trip will now be quite a long one as I will have to do all the driving.  Even if I were to get a new student in Portland, it will still only be one person driving.  Had I been able to keep Bob, we could've started splitting some fo the driving duties towrad the end of the week as I grew more comfortable with his skill.  Now I'll be starting from scratch all over again. 

So long, Bob, we hardly knew thee.
Tags: travel

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