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in her kiss I taste the revolution
Location: Denver, CO

Wasting more time than I probably should here in Denver, although there's a good chance I couldn't leave right now if I wanted to.  See, when I took Bob over to the terminal, they decided that one of the tires needed to be replaced on the trailer.  It may be finished by now, then again, maybe it's not.  I'll probably head over there momentarily and check on it.

But that's not the reason for this entry, to tell you about the status of a tailer repair...  I wanted to let you know that there are three new albums of photos online in my gallery.  In particular, there are photos from the afore mentioned visit in Hannibal, Missouri... including photos of the yummy barista!


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now, I *really* want a Mountain Dew

She looks like a sorostitute to me.

actually, she's in the National Guard... totally butch!

looks sort of like

my ex.

but younger and a little yummier.

Re: looks sort of like

someone from my vast, unfriended readership?

Re: looks sort of like

someone who didn't want to be identified probably. who knows-- might be because it's too small a world.

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