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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
...that I am

My mom just told me the neatest story over the phone.  37 years ago my dad lost her high-school class ring somewhere in Virginia.  This week, it turned up... in Florida. A woman found it in her deceased sister's jewelry box while going through her effects.  The woman, after inspecting the ring knew what high school it came from in Virginia, the year of graduation, and that it had the intials "PLC" engraved inside the band.  She called the high school in Richmond where my parents had attended and spoke with people there.  Long story short, the ring was shipped to the highschool and my mother was eventually contacted and it is being shipped to her.

I can't believe that at some point that ring wasn't sold for its precious metal value.  It's definitely an amazing occurence in my mind.

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that is AWESOME

damn. that's a cool story.

At first I was calling that woman nasty names in my head for totally stealing your dad's ring.

But then I was like, "Yeah, I would have kept it, too." It's an awesome story, though.

Wait. Your mom's ring, I meant.

Neat story, glad she got the ring back.

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