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(no subject)
A new community for you to check out started by myself and lowercasedee...  for those of you of, um, an easier persuasion.

Although, it's partially a joke.


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TEH shock! TEH horror!

A non-picky person wouldn't be nearly 3 years into situational celibacy.

Re: TEH shock! TEH horror!

I guess I just figured that the back-of-the-truck love nest wasn't working out for you.

What are you picky about, then?

Re: TEH shock! TEH horror!

I want someone I can sing badly with to our favorite records - loudly.

I want someone who can be precise and I'll be charmed when the conversation stops because one of us can't think of the perfect word.

I want someone who appreciates the finer things in life like meat, cigarettes and whiskey.

I want someone who is smarter than me but gracious enough to let me think I am.

When we meet, and the conversation turns to music as it invariably will, I want to see her face light up with excitement when she says "Ohhh, you GOTTA listen to this!"... and it actually be something good.

That's a good starter list I guess.... :)

Re: TEH shock! TEH horror!

I love that meat is one of the "finer things".

Re: TEH shock! TEH horror!

yeah... i don't think a sissified vegetarian and me wold get along too well in a romantic relationship.. veggie friends are cool and all and i respect their choices, but i think sharing a life with a vegetarian/vegan would be mighty hard

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