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well, i get to get out of indiana today, but not far. heading for the land of cereal in battle creek michigan. and another off account load. i guess the cabinet business is slow. this means i more than likely am not going to get any long hauls outta my dispatcher for the weekend like i wanted. if there's no loads, there's no loads. guess i'll be going home again this weekend.

i was actually rather productive this morning. i balanced my checkbook, took a shower, and "straightened up" my truck. i'm reluctant to use the word "clean" because i really still need to do that. but the clutter was becoming more than i could take. i can actually see my dash now. i really do need to clean this thing out though. i amaze even myself soemtimes at the amount of uncleaniless i am willing to tolerate. i need to change the litter box and i need to vacuum - bad.

concerning the rather cryptic acknowledgment that i have been inspired by another's journal. it's safe to say i have a full blown crush on someone else's journal. i heart her journal. not the person, in fact, from reading their journal it's safe to say that it's doubtful i would have much in common with her. but i am enthralled by her writing style. i'm envious of her ability to write about the mundane happenings and thoughts of every day life in such a compelling manner. it makes me ashamed of my journal and has inspired me to do better. but enough of the suspense, the user is newest_fad. i intend to read her journal in it's entirety as i find the time. i'm looking forward to it. i hope any of you who decide to check it out find it as interesting as i do.

I'm the type of guy who doesn't have a type at all. I'm not dressed for this climate someone take me to the mall. Toilet water, learn to stare and eat the food that rots. We're living in the cloisters where our subtext is our plot.
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