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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
I made a porn site!  I'm so proud of myself.  Psssst! Keep hitting "refresh" while you're there, to get the full effect.

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Ya' know, my step mom says you can always tell the converts from the born members of the tribe by the knees. Jewish girls don't have knees. And basically, she's right - we don't! Hence, knee envy.

i'm already a "leg guy" anyway... but man, miss joahnsson has the sexiest knees

and i have to wait all day to get home and open it up...

trust me, it's worth it!

But where art thine ankles ? And thine beautiful hips ?

Nice work


Scarlett rules... a true throwback kind of grace.

my obsession started with "Lost in Translation". That means that you gotta find a picture of her with a pink wig singing Blondie.

unfortunately, there are no knees showing in that scene :( kinda doesn't fit with me theme... i do have some vid caps from L.I.T. in there though... it's actually that movie where i started becoming obsessed with her knees :)

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