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shoe tree update
Location: Winnemucca, NV

You may recall me getting excited about Roadside America publishing photos of the Minnesota shoe tree in their tips section.  They decided to write a full-blown article called Shoe Tree Seasons which includes some of my photos of the Nevada Shoe Tree, a quote by yours truly, and a link to my original blog entry. Incidentally, that other shoe tree they mention in the article in Indiana, I have already been making plans to go visit it with a friend one weekend when I'm home... although judging from their pictures, it won't be terribly awe-inspiring.

In other news, soopageek.com is working again, for the meantime.

I was propositioned by a lot lizard during the writing of this entry.

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"Lot lizard" - I love how so many industries have names like that. I thought they were mostly centered around sports though. Are lot lizards paid or just harboring childhood fantasies from Smokey and the Bandit? Or maybe that cute 70's guy who had the show with the chimp?

he's goin' everywhere...he's BJ McKay and his best friend, Bear.. da dump da dump da dump da dump

nah, these aren't like, trucker groupies, they're working gals... truckstop prostitutes are fairly common...

(Deleted comment)
apparently... although i was surprised by the lady in this particular location... usually lot lizards are prevalent in really big truck stops in urban areas... this was in winnemucca, nevada out in the middle of nowhere... i'm guessing that maybe, just maybe, she might have used to work in the brothels that are in the area and she was past her "prime"...

was the lot lizard a dood or a chick?
and what happens if you say yes?
do you pay them?

it was a chick

well the question in particular was, and i quote "You wanna blow job?"... i would assume if i said yes i would've received one

i assume so since they are working gals...

that's so COOL about the article! congratulations!

You've got to be the coolest truck driver in the whole world.

there's no doubt in my mind ;-)

Nor in my mind.

Holy cool.

Yeah, you single-handedly totally turned me on to all shoe trees.

how is your shoe tree going?

so cool!
those pictures really ARE amazing.

you should write a book...seriously. a year in the life of a cooler than average trucker.

oh i dunno about just one year, but maybe after a while out here i'll have enough stories and decent photos to consider doing something with... that'skinda my intention i guess with the forth-coming incarnation of soopageek.com... to have a more public face to some of the more polished things i choose to write about... :)

my big foray into the world of internet publishing...

best entry ever...
i was gonna make a comment about the lizard, but i think the
others have taken care of that for me

i spent new year's eve 2001 in winemucca, nv
give it my dis-regards.

and damnit, where were you 4 yrs ago
when i drove x-c twice
and could've seen the shoe trees?!

all i saw was a lot of corn.
a loooot of corn.

i get to see my fair share of corn, too...

why the hell would anyone spend new year's eve in winnemucca?

fucking corn, man.
you'd think they'd at least make some
multicolored varities.
to break up the landscape.

i didn't mean to spend nye in winnemucca.
god it's fun to say though:
winnemucca! winnemucca! winnemucca!

i moved x-c from RI to CA
left 12/29, got to SF on 1/1.
winnemucca was a good stopping point
so i watched the ball drop in a fleabag hotel
in winnemucca.

i didn't see no shoe tree tho :(

you probably took I-80 all the way into SF... had you been more adventerous and taken U.S. 50, which also goes intot he Bay Area... you'd have seen the shoe tree... and sand mountain... and ghost towns... and...


directness was of the essence.
took 80 from start to finish,
it was the dead of winter
so we didn't want to fuck with weather...

rt 80 was put here on earth
to try our sanity, i do believe



i wish i saw the shoe tree.

driving back, we went the southern route and i saw the 'largest cross in the western hemisphere' in the panhandle of texas.

i was also the tallest thing within eyesight in the panhandle of texas.

texas is scary.

ahhh, I-40 through Amarillo... i missed the cross i guess... i've heard of it, but i didn't see it...

here's what i did</i> when i went to amarillo, tx... ;-)

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