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long night drive
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Alda, NE

One thing that's nice about my job is having the time to listen to lots and lots of stuff.  Among other things, I'm getting through a lot of stuff that I acquired via fujerica a couple of weeks ago. 
I've been plowing through Can records tonight... of particular interest was one of theirs called Landed.  Fine, fine record.  I think I'm going to have to get to know that album a little more intimately. When I'm driving night shifts, though, there comes a point where I need something more mind engaging than music, to hold my attention as the night gets longer.  More often than not, I switch to comedy albums.  But tonight, I have The Ice Opinion by Ice-T  book-on-tapemp3.  It's been interesting enough so far.  If I wasn't so lazy, I'd go dig out OG: Original Gangster and put it on... man I love that album.  "New Jack Hustler" has gotta be one of the best rap songs, ever.

I care nothin' 'bout you and that's evident
All I love is my dope and dead presidents
Sound crazy? Well it isn't
The end justifies the means, that's the system
I learned that in school then I dropped out
Hit the streets, checked a grip and now I got clout
I had nothin' and I wanted it
You had everything and you flaunted it
Turned the needy into the greedy
With cocaine my success came speedy
Got me twisted, jammed into a paradox
Every dollar I get another brother drops
Maybe that's the plan and I don't understand
Goddamn you got me sinkin' in quicksand
But since I don't know and I ain't never learned
I gotta get paid, I got money to earn
With my posse out on the Ave
Bust my sounds, crack a 40 and laugh
Cool out and watch my new Benz gleam
Is this a nightmare or the American dream?
So think twice if you're comin' down my block
You wanna journey through hell? Well shit gets hot
Pregnant teens
Children's screams

Life is weighed on the scales of a triple-beam

I just went from Can to Ice-T in one paragraph.  I think I need professional help.

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Can. I think I like Tago Mago the best. Unfortunately, the first time I listened to it, I was dozing off to sleep, and I had very very strange dreams.

At which time I agreed with Suzi Quattro; "Can the can".

Isn't Ice-T on "Law and Order: Something or Other" now? I don't know how I feel about that. Although I think he's a very passable actor.

i still have Tago Mago to conquer... it's resting on my hard drive, just didn't get to it last night... perhaps tonight

yeah, he's on L&O:SVU... i never thought Ice-T was all that great of an actor... although that line of his in New Jack City is unforgettable... when he finally catches Wesley Snipes and says "I wanna shoot you so bad I got a hard on!"

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