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a warm, heart-felt Valentines Day message from your ol' pal soopa
Fuck 'em if you got 'em.

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So, what, then the rest of us are just SOL?

Suddenly being a picky slut takes on new meaning. :-)

i will do, thanks very much for the advice. ;)

Personally, I cannot wait until this day is over. I think a few painkillers and some shots of whiskey might provide comfort until then.

Hope your day goes better.

considering i'm sitting in south-western indiana by myself, goofing-off for the day, i doubt it'll get any different than it currently is....

as a fellow whiskey drinker... what's your poison?

i'm in southeastern indiana.

crown royal!

like the canadian whiskey, eh?

i'm south of the river so bourbon tends to suit me just fine... Maker's Mark, usually... if i'm feeling particularly adventerous and/or randy as the case may be... Wild Turkey 180 proof is the ticket :)

I'm more of a scotch dude and never really liked bourbon, until a friend of mine bought me a Makers Mark on the rocks once. Instantly converted (to Makers Mark anyway).

yeah... Maker's Mark is some fine sipping whiskey... the distillery is about 40 miles from my house :)

you don't mess around, do you?

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