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hosting stuff... AGAIN
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Evansville, IN

After much deliberation, I have decided to move everything to Dreamhost as they have an AWESOME special going on: 192GB/mo bandwdith, 7.6GB disk, 15 domains, 75 subdomains...  for $15.95/mo.  That's hard to beat.  Sure it's more than I was spending, but I think in the long run, it'll be worth it.  I'm still within a 14-day "risk free" time period with Midphase so I'll just cancel that.  Now comes the chore of moving everything from Tinyhosts that I dn't already have sitting on my computer, the bulk of which are two photo galleries.  Not that I don't have the photos on my computer, but they are part of the Gallery software with their thumbnails and album descriptions and what-not.  The time it'll take to move them will be much better than the time it would take to rebuild them from scratch.  I've also gotta take a crash course in mySQL databases so I can trasnfer two guestbooks and a bulletin board to the new host.  This part frightens me.

Incidentally, you can get your kneerotica here now.  That is, until FURTHER notice.  Heh.

Oh, and Dreamhost has a built-in Jabber server, so I'm playing with that. It'll be nice to get rid of the THREE messengers I use and just have one client running. Sweet.

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yep, same deal i got! can i have a referral (user id bor)? :D :D :D

already done... i gave them rob-bennett.com when i signed up :)

someone might as well get the 65 smackers

oh yeah, they switched around their deal, i forgot! thanks for the referral, i hope they can figure it out :)

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