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attrib.. no,no,no chmod! dir.. no,no,no ls!
mt shasta
Location: Lebo, KS

Haven't been writing much 'cos, well there hasn't been much to write about.  In between working I've been trying to get all of this mess with the hosting situations sorted out and I'm sure you don't want to read on and on and on about that every day.  I'm not sure that I'll be thoroughly pleased with Dreamhost but I think it is going to be the best fit for me in terms of value versus amenities.  I can't stand their proprietary control panel.  Ugggh.  It drives me crazy.  And the fact that there can only be ONE ftp account that can actually access the web-space area.  But that touches on one thing I do like, however. 

Shell access. 

Gawd, I haven't had shell access to a Unix server since I was in college.  I'm rusty, for sure, but it's starting to come back to me.  Hell, I might even get the hankering to tangle with Emacs and    s/open up/bust out    a can o' whoop-ass of my command-line edit'n skeelz.  I owe much gratitude to bustednut who graciously downloaded and then uploaded my photo galleries between the two servers for me, since doing such a task is hard when one is as mobile as I am.

Gotta be in Wichita in the morning, then Denver by Thursday.  It is my intention to make it to Denver early enough tomorrow evening to have some coffee with spen_lit...  it's always fun meeting new LJ friends!

Lastly, behind the cut lies an interesting picture, but I caution you to take pause, fearless Livejournaler, for the sight of my hairy leg lies beneath.

Laptop Burn!

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har har har

chmod -w-r-x [Bad username: tpbrcombo"]

I see your chmod and raise you a kill -9.

This'll date me, when I was doing my IT degree the environments were DOS, UNIX and VAX/VMS. Windows was still a few years away (and, like all GUIs, shunned as "childish wuss software"). The first years were confined to VAX/VMS and hassled by second/third years who called us "VAX weenies" which has caused ongoing psychological damage.

I always confused VMS terms with Unix terms. Hence I think what I meant originally was rm -r.

i never had much interaction with VAX... of course, all of my limited knowledge and experience of/with computer systems is more of a hobbiest nature... since i'm a'skeered of mathematics, a course of study in the computer sciences was agreeable with my academic pursuits...

What did you do in computer science, academically?

alas, i typoed that... it should've read wasn't agreeable... i didn't study anything in computer science... i was an English major... real useful degree, there..

yup.. those things get damn hot..

tell me about it! i did that last week while riding with Bob... for 10 hours acorss kansas it was on my lap... i guess i'm gonna hafta start insulating it with a towel or something

or maybe put some pants on from now on

but my trainees just love it when i ride shotgun in the buff

I have nothing but admiration for a man who will put the discomfort and entertainment of others above fundamental personal safety matters.

the ftping was nothing, just let me know if you need any more moved
the computer sits idle most of the time anyway

You gotta get down here!

I need some coffee....

i've never minded anything about the Dreamhost control panel, except that it's slow. in fact, when i first signed on, the control panel was the one thing that totally blew me away initially. but then again, i upgraded from a VERY small provider-- like, one person working there-- that a) insisted i use SSH for every f'n little thing and b) approve all configuration changes with him verbally. anyway, i'm sure you'll figure out its logic, it's pretty easy to figure out how to do schtuff.

yeah, i'm slowly figuring things out....

certainly their control panel is a major improvement over doing everything with line commands... but i've already been spoiled by Cpanel in my limited experience with web hosting... it's MUCH more robust, intuitive, and FAST...

i think the panel's pretty intuitive? and definitely very robust, there ain't nothin' you can't set up there, from setting up new domains to setting up mailing lists to blah de blah. now, fast, i will admit, is an issue.

i don't think it's as intuitive or as robust as this:

also... i'm used to making a change and it being immediate... not waiting for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours for a new subdomain to be working... like i said, i've been spoiled... of course, i'm also hypersensitive to it since i've been working with it so much... i'm sure once everything is done and stable and i'm not constantly doing admin stuff, it won't seem such a big deal :)

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