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So, I'm thinking about registering another domain name with the purpose of half-ass doing something with it.  And here's what I'm thinking.

You know how when something happens to you and you feel wronged and you want to tell the world about it?  Sure writing in our blogs is a good venting mechanism, but sometimes that's not enough, you know?  It has to be full-on, nasty, and worldwide.  So, I was thinking of starting a website where anyone, anytime, could host a single webpage berating whatever company, person, or entity they feel is evil.  You would be able to receive comments to the page from everyone who came along and agreed with you.  The person would be resposible for hosting their own images, but the page would be located at  The site would be searchable and browseable, in addition to the simple link you could post in your blog.  The main page would have a "Page of the Day" sorta thing, maybe.

Right now I'm considering:

Surprisingly, every single one of of these is currently available.  I'm kind of partial to 'cos right now, fuckweasel is my new favorite word and it kinda has a ring to it with evil in front of it.  Instead of the evil schemata, I'm also considering (diemotherfuckerdie, diecocksuckerdie, etc...).

So what I want to know from you folks is:

1) good idea/bad idea?
2) which name/schemata (or another you could offer) is better?
3) would I have legal concerns, even with a disclaimer of "not responsible for content" in the event of slanderous diatribes? 
4) is there already some similar service like this on the intarweb that I'm not aware of?

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