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maybe I won't have to get proficient at Unix after all....
Windows offers client services for Unix which are FREE!  It's a 200mb download... but, if I understand this correclty, with my shell access, I should just be able to mount my remote server as a drive and transfer stuff back and forth via Windows Explorer or make saves directly from programs to the remote server.  Awesome!

I don't know what I made this a journal entry.  I'm excited about it though. I totally need some sort of "geek" icon.

Edit To Add: That oughta do it.

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you don't need to do that! you can actually mount Dreamhost as a remote drive. check their knowledge base.

that said, i don't like that setup. i tried it for a while. it really screws up yr system when the internet is down (which, in the case of my Comcast cable connect, is all the damn time).

meh... i tried running searches for "mount nuix", "mount dreamhost", and "mount network drive" and they didn't return anything...

i've mapped network drives across LANS before using windows, so i'm assuming this'll work pretty much the same as that since it'll be integrated with the OS... i can't imagine it would be much of a hassle except be a broken network connection when i wasn't conected to the internet...

try searching for SAMBA i think.

yeah i came across Samba while searching for NFS clients... it's for the Unix side...

unfortunately, it appears Dreamhost discontinued using Samba late last year

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