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Despite spleazeball's insistance that I have been posting too much lately, here's another.

Turns out, Novell makes a nifty little program called NetDrive (totally freeware) that allows you to map/mount an FTP connection as a drive in Windows.  I wouldn't want to use this for moving a ton of files, for that I use the tried and true Bulletproof.  But the whole reason I've been searching for a way to mount my webserver as a drive is for the little files.  I want to be able to edit HTML and PHP files on-the-fly without having to edit them locally then upload them.  My skeelz with both languages are so poor that a lot of times I'm constantly doing things by trial and error, with PHP especially.  And since I don't have PHP locally anyway, the only place I can test it is online.

The other thing that will be nice is that I can do small copy/paste jobs around my website in the comfort of Windows Explorer without having to deal with line-commands in the shell.

Ok, enough geek-speak.

I pick up a new trainee here in Denver tomorrow and then head back east.  So heads up to mah peeps in Kansas City...  I should be there tomorrow night!  A Friday night!  Can you believe it? 

Psst.  And I'm supposed to be in Columbus on Monday, spleazeball, but, probably not at a time that we could socialize. :(
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