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(no subject)
Since I have answered this question now on three other people's journals... I guess I feel obliged to reciprocate, since the gist of this deal is that you post it on your own journal so they can comment back to you.

Silly lj games.

But, I will re-word it to suit my own purpose...

If you woke up and discovered that I was spooning you, what would be your first thought?

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(Deleted comment)
Awww, a guy can dream can't he?

"I didn't notice in your 'Location' that you were near RI!"

You realize that, according to my dude-card, any absence of outright rejection is considered an invitation by default... ;-)

"what's that thing poking me?"

I think if you felt something poking you while I was spooning you would be the initiation of me questioning my sexuality...


you made sure you had the manly camaflouge and gun avatar for the one, eh?

yay! punk rock trucker, spoonin' on mah butt!!

yeah well, there's no chance in HELL of that ever happenin' if we can't even co-ordinate a simple lunch date ;-)

"i hope he doesn't decide to eat me."
this comment will seem lewd to everyone but lin, who will know just what i mean.


sorry i didn't get in touch with you... i just got to Salina and it's like 1 in the morning... i've been a bad trucker and goofing all most of the day ;-)

I'd wonder why you weren't forking me instead.

stick a fork in ya, yer done?

ummm, i think i want a different trainer :P

i laughed out loud when i read this comment....

"I should not have had that acid last night this is a bad dream"


wooo, i never thought i'd get dissed from down under

"Didn't I recently kill this guy for perpetuating another stupid meme? ... Fuck! I'm lying in bed with a corpse!"

Funny--all of the other journals have said, "If you woke up and found yourself in bed with me . . ."

The spooning is much nicer.

1) I said I changed it... :)

2) You neglected to offer a response.

Work with me here, people!

"Mmmmmfff....too much 'pickyslut punch' TOOOOO MUUUUUUCH. I'm bringing drinks to the next meeting."

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