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Location: Benton Harbor, MI
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
It's weeks like these that I love my job. I think i worked a total of 5 hours yesterday. I've worked about 5 hours today too. I made the trip to Battle Creek. I'd forgotten how ugly of a town that is. This old trainstation was right beside where I dropped my trailer. I have to pick up a load at 9am tomorrow in Holland, MI, so for the afternoon I'm internet'n in Benton Harbor and will drive up later tonight. Anyone reading this today and wants to chat or something, you can hunt me down at soopageek@hotmail.com on MSN messneger. I'll probably be relatively bored and will welcome the conversation.

As for my journal crush. I spent five hours last night reading newest_fad's journal. And I only got through the first 5 months. She began it during a very weird and frightening time of her life. I couldn't stop reading. If on my account you have begun reading her journal, I highly recommend going back to the beginning. I was moved to tears more than a few times. On that note: if newest_fad happens to be reading this, I don't mean to make your life some sort of freakshow by mentioning it here. I'm just deeply inspired and often moved by your journal. You possess a courage to write so candidly about your experiences; a courage that not many people (myself included) have. I admire your honesty and your ability to convey your thoughts and feelings to language. 'Nuff said.

Michigan is such a weird state. Take the radio for instance. I've travelled quite a bit and listened to a lot of radio stations across the country. Everyone has hometown heroes when it comes to music, but Michigan takes it to another whole level. You cannot listen to a "classic rock" station without hearing a Bob Seger or Ted Nugent song at least every hour. Ditto on the "modern rock" stations with the White Stripes and Eminem. I'm suspicious that there must be legislation that was enacted. Now if either would get wise and play more MC5 and the Stooges, well I could live with that.

Me and you can go toe to toe, no maybe. I'm knockin' niggaz out the box, daily. Yo weekly, monthly, yearly until the dumb motherfuckers see clearly that I'm down with the capital C-P-T. Boy you can't fuck with me. So when I'm in your neighborhood you betta duck. 'Cos Ice Cube is crazy as fuck As I leave, believe I'm stompin'. But when I come back, boy, I'm comin' straight outta Compton

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wow! this is the first time i've ever come to read your lj... and thank you for the mention, i'm glad my writing touches someone other than myself!

yeah, i don't recallnow how i stumbled upon yer journal, but i've enjoyed reading it... coincidentaly, i found out later by reading your journal that a close friend of yours i have chatted with on a number of occasions... one miss mia... i always enjoyed chatting with her unfortunately i kinda lost touch when i started my little american adventure.... then when i get some fairly regular internet access back she goes traipsing off to california.... hopefully now that she is back i can get a "hi" in...

the main thing i love about your journal is your writing. you are an exceptional writer. i'm glad you chose to share your journal with the masses :)

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