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Location: Indianapolis, IN

Another one of the transitional things about moving my web thingies to Dreamhost was that I had become accustomed to using Webalizer for checking my site stats, a vast improvement over Analog, the stock logs viewer that comes with Apache.  I was somewhat disheartened to discover that Webalizer was not offered by Dreamhost.  So I got ambitious and after a cursory look discovered that Webalizer was an open-source project. 

Cool.  One problem though... my awful Unix skills. 

One read into the documentation and installation notes, with all its needs to for additional programs to be installed, assured me that this would be a daunting task.  Not to fear, there is a client-side Windows application that will do it!  I just need to download my access logs to local, unzip them, and voila! ...  instant beauty and information at my finger tips.  Of course, I'm only putting this online for demonstration... I can view the documents generated by the proggie on the local disk.  It's a command-line program, and while there is at least one GUI app which works as a front-end for it, it was cludgy and poorly designed.  Besides, whipping up a few batch files to take care of all of this automagically will be a cinch.

I am a GENIUS!

Time for a shower and then I pick up my new student here in Indy.  His name is Jason, which means he's a young guy... cos, like, there aren't Vietnam vets named Jason.  I'll basically move him to another motel down in Lexington for a couple of days, since I have the next three days off.  Tuesday, is a very very very important day for me, one which I will write about in greater detail tomorrow.

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