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An idea....

Blogthings has this list of "You know you're from ____  when ____" that they have for posting on one's blogs.  There's one for every state, as well as some localizaed areas.  While going through them, I noticed that Louisville has their own...

..and I think Lexington should have one, too!

So here's a starter list off the top of my head...  all of you Lexingtonians, or folks who are intimate with the Lexington area in some fashion or another, feel free to add your own in comments and/or disagree with mine.  I read some from other states, and I "got" some of their things even though I'm not a native of the place, so I've tried to be very specific with writing mine...  only someone from Lexington/Kentucky should be able to TRULY appreciate these.  Again, comments are welcome as to the validity of my claim.

I will pool all the best together and make a submission to with our Lexington version of this game.

You know you're from Lexington when:

-You say you're going to "The Mall", everyone knows exactly which one you mean.

-You mention the "game" in conversation, it can only mean one thing.

-You avoid driving anywhere downtown on the day of a home "game", unless of course you have tickets.

-You have listened to Cawood Ledford on the radio while watching the "game" on TV.

-You need no further explanation when you hear the following names: Tolly Ho, Joseph-Beth, Ramsey's, Joe Bologna, Paul Miller, and Columbia's.

-You have seen barns more expensive and luxurious than your own home.

-You've ever driven to Cincinnati or Louisville to pick someone up from the airport instead of our own.

-You can say "Where Festival Market used to be" and other Lexingtonians known exactly what you mean, even though it went out of business in 1994.

-You possess the ability to pronounce the names of European cities like Athens and Versailles in completely new and different ways.

-You have ever wondered about the absence of 8th-11th street between 7th and 12th street  - unless of course you have ever found yourself in Imperial Mobile Home Park by accident or on purpose.

-You assume that everyone in the country knows what Fazzoli's is.

-You've been to establishments that only serve food on Sunday.

-You've heard the phrase "Jack says step on it."

-You think Kruser was better when he was on Double Q.

-You see a billboard with nothing but a bottleneck covered in red wax and you know exactly what is being advertised. More than likely, you or someone you know owns one or more of another color as a "collector's item".

-You have a 40 year-old urban freeway called "New Circle Road".  Additionally, when giving directions, an important point of reference is whether it is inside or outside New Circle and you will probably include an Applebees or Krogers as a physical landmark.

I'm sure I'll think of more....
Tags: humor, meme

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