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I will admit, I've never been the best of housekeepers and for the last week I have REALLY been lazy about keeping-up with the general clutter and cleanliness inside the truck.  Since I was the only one in the truck, there was no one else to impress, right?  Well, since I have my new guy, Jason, I thought I should do a bang-up job of cleaning on the inside.  So I'm cleaning out my truck before I get ready to meet up with Robin for the Slint show tonight and I find two pairs of boots that Vilas (my previous student) left in the truck.  One was a western-style cowboy boot made of black leather with a pointy toe, the other was a tan, lace-up workboot.  Out of curiosity, I tried-on the workboot;  fit like a glove, er, a boot.  But I really don't need any boots.  I have one pair of workboots that I drag out maybe twice a year, the rest of the time it's sneakers for me.  I debated tossing them out, then I remembered a certain shoe tree in need of some footwear love.  So I packed them away into the storage place under the bed.  I'll be visiting that shoe tree in a few weeks.  I need to dig some of my own shoes out of storage.  While it's nice to give the shoe tree some general volume courtesy of Vilas, I think to really contribute to the concept, it has to be something in which you once tread.
Tags: shoetree

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