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fuggin traffic
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Chicago

ok, i guess i should be more specific. i hate south side chicago. the stretch of I-80, between I-65 and the tri-state tollroad... gaaaah! i just spent twenty minutes travelling two miles, said fuck it, and pulled the truck into the flying j here on grant st. i needed to stop fer smokes and restock the dr pepper supply, anyway. but it's not gonna matter, i hafta get on down to Arthur, IL before 9pm so i'm gonna hafta roll anyway. i'm hopinh it's thinned out some in the hour i'm killng here online, but i know better. it's going on 5 o'clock... heh... weeee chicago rush hour. at least i don't hafta go downtown.

i spent anohter 5-6 hours reading my journal crush last night. i'm well into 2003, hopefully sometime this weekend i can get completely caught up... :)

it has been such an uneventful day. i drove up to Holland from Benton Harbor this morning. get there right at 9am when my load is supposed to be ready. they hadn't even started on it yet and wouldn't for another 2 hours. sigh. so i farted around with Rainbow Six, which just made me even more aggravated because it has to be the mot horribly designed game in the world. i thik i'm just gonna chuck it. in theory it's a good game, but in reality, it doesn't do what it's supposed to do half the time - the NPC's get stuck and run around in circles. i end up running half the missions solo without teams just cos they're too much hassle.

it makes me relunctant to play Ghost Recon now, which i had been looking forward to. yes i know these are all horribly old games... but i'm not much of a gamer... just soemthing to do when i'm bored o the road.....

anyway, i finally got outta Holland around 2:30 this afternoon and got into Gary a little after 4.
my evening is gonna find me down in Evansville where there is another flying j. we'll see if they have the wifi...

so, now for some interaction: after reading some different folks journals, it is apparent lotsa folks approach it in different ways. the thing that is most striking to me are how many people write being concious that there is an audience. so i'm curious, when some of you write in your journals, are you concious that it will be read, not concious... 50/50? i think it's pretty obvious most of my entries are very concious of an audience.... (heh, particularly this post!)... and sometimes, i think that is part of my motivation.... i know people will read the sentences i construct and i think on some levels, i receive some sort of perverse pleasure out of that. must be the writer in me.

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holland! that's where i went to college! if you get back there, i suggest lunch at butch's dry dock on 8th street, if it is still there. and if you have time for nice dinner, til' midnight is elegant and yummy.

chicago! i am there now!

as to knowing if the audience is reading or not...interesting that you would bring this up, a couple of friends and i were talking about it last weekend. i think that when i write in my live journal, it is more about releasing something that i want to share out into the universe. i am not conscious of someone in particular reading it, unless i am asking a question that i want people to respond to. for me it is more about energy, wanting to get the words out there into cyber space, making them real somehow, beyond being in my own head. and then they take on a bit of a life of their own...

dunno...interesting to think about.

well, in a year, that i only the second time i had ever been in holland... but i will keep it in mind....

though, since you live in chicago.... what may be more beneficial are tips on chi-town since i'm here a few times a month, or, heh, lately, a few times a week. sometime this fall i intend to spend a weekend in the city and just see the sites... i've found a decent place i can park this behemoth down on 47th street a few blocks east of Archer... and there's a bus line right on it, so i figure i can get pretty much anywhere from there i s'pose. clubs, restaurants, record stores?

sure, i'd be happy to help. what are you into? jazz clubs? sports bars? goth? museums? theater?

i'm open to anything but i lean toward the seedier side of rock... punk, underground, indie, garage.... as far as anything else goes, i like all sorta of new experiences... i like theatre alot but don't find much time to enjoy it... going to nyc this week, i might take i a broadway show though... but yeah... anything, i just don't know much about chicago at all, but i'm there all the time...

well if you are looking for life music, i would suggest the empty bottle, double door, or metro as venues. the metro is kinda nice, because it has a pretty cool indie dance club in the basement, smartbar. the only drawback to it is it is in trendy and kinda dull wrigleyville.

frankly there is not much theater that i would recommend in chicago right now, though you can hardly go wrong with lookingglass. right now they are doing "race", based on a studs turkel book, and it is pretty darn good. the new show at the steppenwolf is good too. it's the new tony kushner play.

the museum of contemporary art is great too. i am planning on getting down there myself in the next couple of weeks to check out a new photography exhibit.

hope ya had fun in PA/NYC!

thanks for the tips... and i am enjoying myself in NYC... taking a break in an interenet cafe with a yummy caramel mocha ;-)

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