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wee updates
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

  • Slint was amazing.  I will be writing more in depth on this later.

  • Everything has finally been switched to Dreamhost once and for all.  I'm glad to have this finally settled.

  • My new trainee Jason isn't the brightest crayon in the box...  it's gonna be a LONG seven weeks.

  • I bought into the free Ipod thingie in an attempt to help hockeyfag get one... but since I'm signed up, why don't 5 of YOU go and use my referral code. I command you, go forth now, bitches.


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In principle? No, not really. I'm an introvert by nature, so the presence of another person can be rather burdensome at times.

Drivers are not required to train, I have chosen to train drivers for the addtional income, basically.

It's not so bad though, we are allowed to take as much as 60 days off in between trainees if we choose, of course we take the decrease in pay as well.

Ah... it's a $ thing.... I hadn't realised that.

Yeah... see, the trainer gets paid for all the miles driven.... so, the first couple of weeks isn't really much different than driving solo, cos the student does them all while the trainer observes from the passenger seat... however once the trainer is comfortable with retiring to the sleeper for zzz's while the trainee drives, then they begin to give you more and more miles... miles that it requires two people to accomplish... those weeks, you make double what you ordinarly would... going from solo-driver to being a trainer is resulting in what amounts to about 50-75% increase in income...

when's the last time you got a 75% raise?

for basically doing nothing more than you arleady were :)

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