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wee updates
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

  • Slint was amazing.  I will be writing more in depth on this later.

  • Everything has finally been switched to Dreamhost once and for all.  I'm glad to have this finally settled.

  • My new trainee Jason isn't the brightest crayon in the box...  it's gonna be a LONG seven weeks.

  • I bought into the free Ipod thingie in an attempt to help hockeyfag get one... but since I'm signed up, why don't 5 of YOU go and use my referral code. I command you, go forth now, bitches.


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Have you ever enjoyed having a trainee? How does having a trainee work? Oh, and do you have good gray crayon stories about Jason?

Oh man. I refuse to do that Ipod thingie. I know it works. I still refuse. On principal! I don't know who's principals. But, someeone's.

Great to hear Slint lived up to expectations!


My first trainee wasn't so bad... although he talked a bit too much for my liking and had just a bit of an odor problem... but he wasn't so bad.. we still keep in touch... talked to him today actually...

my last TRUE student, one who was with me for an entire 7-8 weeks was a guy named Mike... and Mike was awesome, both as a driver as well as a person... we got along famously... in fact, we're supposed to get together and go skydiving in April...

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