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Everybody Loves Jason
Location: Wheeling, WV

Ok, I see how it is.  Write something personal, thoughtful, and/or thought provoking and you get nada. Make fun of the dumb guy, suddenly everyone wants to leave comments.  At least now we have a base-line measurement for the lowest common denomenator of my readership.

And whore that I am...

My two favorite JasonismsTM of the day (so far):

Let me set this one up just a little.  Jason drove last night across Indiana, then Ohio and into West Virginia where we swtiched seats.  I drove us to Pennsylvania where we were to get our load this morning.  Beavertown, PA is a small town in the central part of the state.  The only way in and out is over some two-lane highway and, quite frankly, I wasn't ready for Jason to tackle this just yet, at least, I didn't want him trying to navigate through Lewistown, PA.  It's a nightmare even for a seasoned pro doing it the first time.  So, I drove us back out of there to the turnpike.  We stopped at the Sideling Hill Service Plaza where I grabbed a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato and we switched seats.  I explained to him that we would be reversing what we had done the night before... out Pennsylvania, through the panhandle of WV and traversing both Ohio and Indiana into Illinois where we are delivering this evening.  Maybe an hour later, we're crossing a somewhat long bridge over a decent-sized river on I-70 between New Stanton and Washington.

Jason: "Is this Kentucky?"

In retrospect, it does look like a smaller version of the bridge spanning the Ohio river we had crossed just a few days previously when I was heading home.  But one would think the absence of a teeming metropolis like Louisville with its skyline, multi-highway junctions, and traffic would've been a clue, not to mention, you know, the presence of mountains.  And of course, in addition to me explaining we would be back-tracking through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana.

The other one's a quickie:
Jason: [quoting a highway sign] " 'Left Lane No Trucks'.  What does that mean?"

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do these cats get free training?

Technically, they are already licensed drivers. They hold a CDL, but our company puts them through a company sponsered training program so they can learn the things they don't teach you in trucking school and to tighten up your skills. And they are payed a stipend while they are in training.

You're not really all that surprised that people responded to the stories about Jason more, are you? I mean, people don't generally know how to respond to vulnerability of any sort or scale (myself included). Whereas stories about other people's problems, shortcomings, etc. are something everyone enjoys (myself included)...

No I'm not really surprised... I knew when I began these Jason entries that they were a comedy gold mine... ;-) and people on LJ tend to respond two one of two things... pity-me posts (which i don't write and seldom respond to) and stuff that makes you laugh...

I'm starting to think the trainer supplement they give you is not enough. This trainee appears to require the patience of a saint.

Indeed, then again, I'm a very patient person. :)

Jason: [quoting a highway sign] " 'Left Lane No Trucks'. What does that mean?"

I needed a really good laugh today. You provided it. I don't know who to thank.. you or Jason. ;)

I guess we're both the be credited, but I think Jason deserves more of it... he's the one providing me with the material... I'm merely a conduit

Think of me as a medium who channels JasonismTM for the benefit of all :)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah I've thought about it too, then I thought, well, the ones I'm gonna talk negatively about probably aren't the "internet type"... the trainees I have who are the internet type, will probably appreciate this....

to quote a friend I read this to:
This is why I don't like trucks on the highway...

I fucking wish you could get from Central PA to Kentucky in about an hour. lol. Would make my life easier.

you and me both, sister

I have to thank you for the comic amusement. I work nights at 911, and we get many callers with similar comments / questions / level of intelligence. Stormodacentury read the first post you had about Jason at work the other day, and the four members of his audience almost fell out of their chairs laughing so hard. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more!

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