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I know most people reading my journal won't care about my ramblings on my Slint-capades over the course of the next month.  I mentioned I had started a blog for this at my website.  Now you can have the best of both worlds.  You can have it syndicated to your friend's list if you like, or ignore this if you really don't give a hoot. And I won't cross-post them here. :)

A photo of Jason

And finally, the answers to yesterday's little homage to the current meme making the rounds.. everyone was so gracious with their comments, my e-mail inbox was bursting!  I thought it only appropriate to offer a little effort in my answers, by presenting them in PICTURES.

Answers to X Things
1.  Adopted two black kids to live with me and my white daughter in a Manhattan penthouse apartment.

2.  Worked as a house mother for bratty, private schoolgirls and helped them to navigate the murky waters of adolescence with exquisite baking and pithy admonishment.

3. Worked as a receptionist for a private investigation company owned and operated by a bankrupt magazine model.  When answering the phone, I would speak only in rhyme.

4. In between performing triage surgeries in the jungles of Korea, I got sloshed on martinis made from the gin of a home-made still .  I made people call me by a nickname that is an acronym synonymous with oral sex.

5.  I was the only kid in my middle school with a tattoo of a mermaid on his arm.  Dance senorita! (This one was done specifically for mandy_moon)

[Actually, it wasn't a mermaid]

6. Studied eastern religions and self-educated myself on the intricacies of philosophy, anthropolgy, sociology and pyschology while DJ'ing for a local rock station in Alaska.  I built a catapult and flung a neighbor's piano with it.

Who is Chris Stevens? Who are any of us? Are we one person fixed at birth? Do we grow like a snowball coming down the mountainside of life, or can we change, shed our skin? A caterpillar becomes the butterfly, leaving the remains of his former self behind.

I look at my yearbook photo--Wheeling Central Catholic High School, Class of 81--and I wonder who that stranger is. Damned if I know. Maybe that's the point, maybe we're not supposed to know, maybe that's what this earthly joy ride's all about. Like Robert Frost said,

    We dance round in a ring and suppose,
    But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

7. Proved that I could make it after all, as a television news reporter in Minneapolis.

8. Owned a daggit.

9. Lived on a boat with a pet alligator and owned a European sports car, all on the salary I received working as a police officer.

10. Performed magic tricks and practical jokes for hookers and drunkards from the judge's bench of a New York City court room.

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