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J of the Day
JasonismTM of the Day

[pointing to a Cracker Barrel restaurant whilst travelling through southern Illinois]
Jason: "I've eaten there.  They have souveniers and stuff in there you can buy, too. Have you ever been any place like that?"
Me: "Cracker Barrel is a chain, they're all over the place."
Jason: "Really"? 
Me: "Sure there's two or three of them in Lexington."
Jason: "This one had a pool game and this other game.  Do they all have that?"
Me: "I haven't been in enough, different Cracker Barrel's to know."
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Do we think that really is the one he has been to?

Yeah.. we were maybe within 50 miles of his hometown... he probably had actually BEEN to that very cracker barrel and thought it was the only one in the whole wide world

They are all over the place? Really? Like McDonald's and Wal Mart? ;)

(I think I felt my IQ drop a few points just typing that.)

Jason needs an LJ. He seems like guys I knew in high school that you would get drunk with just to hear the random things that came out of their mouth while they were drinking.. since they were so clueless when they were sober.

First we'd have to explain to Jason what the internet IS.

Oh shit. You just gave me a brilliant idea for future Livejournal entires. In addition to JasonismsTM, I'm gonna do Jason impressions. And the first one is going to be about the internet.

Has anyone ever referred to you as their Muse? ;-)

I could sure use a J every day.

You and me both, sister.

OK. So I sat in the break room watching tv (because there is nothing else to do on you lunch break at 0330) and Cheers came on. During the course of watching this show (only about 45-60 seconds in), I realize that Jason is on tv. Seriously. I don't think anyone has posted about it before (and if you have, I apologize for my ignorance), but I really believe that Jason's mentor in life is Woody. They look the same, they act the same, they talk the same. It's uncanning (sp?) the resemblance they have toward each other. Just a thought ...

But on a brighter note, I'm glad to hear that things are progressing in the forward direction (slow as they may be).

Re: Jason's mentor ... ?

Oh I can totally see the Woody resemblance. Jason has this child-like innocence about him that is very reminiscent of that character.

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