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The road goes on forever and the party never ends.

Location: Terre Haute, IN

My dispatcher came through for me in spades. I'm not just working over the weekend, I'll be working my little white fanny off. I'm heading to Indy where I'll pick up a load and take it to Chicago (uggg) tonight, then return right back to Indy. After that, I head for Arthur, IL to pick up my next load which has to be in Smithfield, RI by Monday morning. That's kinda cool, cos, I've not been to Rhode Island yet. Of course going to New England means no internet for me: There are zero Flying J's in the northeast. In the midwet they are kinda scattered, and out west you can't throw a rock without hitting one, but none in the northeast. There is ONE near Buffalo and one in Jersey outside Philly, but none up in New England. Oh well, I'm probably going to be too busy driving or sleeping anyway. Besides, if I do find myself with anytime I'm probably going to either spend it on a beach or maybe in NYC.

At first I thought that was what I was going to do, because, originally I wasn't making this short trip to Chicago, I was just heading for Rhode Island and had all weekend to do it. I had planned to park the truck in Jersey and take a bus into the city for the afternoon on Saturday night then finish driving up to Rhode Island on Sunday. Now it doesn't look like I'll have the time since the Chicago trip has been added. I'm going to be hard pressed to get it all done now.

But that's ok. I can use the money. Heh, I can always use the money. Especially as slow as this week has been. Maybe on the backhaul I can find some time to spend in NYC.

One thing I've found, there's just two ways to go. It all comes down, to livin' fast or dyin' slow.
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