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save the drama for your mama
OMFG! I caught jenxteen giving a handjob to dragoneletra at the party last night. 

When I told ajguertz about it, she looked up from the pile of coke she was cutting on one of ericexit's CD cases, glaring at me like *I* was the bad guy!!!1!!

Then ruxxell comes in on all fours with the duct tape and peacock feathers (you know how he does!!!) and janietrain is riding him like a bronco dressed in a leather gimp suit and cowboy hat she borrowed from spleazeball.  That dum bitch didn't even have the decency to wash it after frolicking in an all night golden shower party with huskerdude1 and stormodacentury and it was RANK. OMG... it was rank!

Work has been boring.  This afternoon queenkatieett called me and said she knocked over a liquor store to cover some gambling debts which was why she couldn't make it to the party.  Cuz she was in jail and stuff.  I was like STFU!!!!!! And she was like, For real.  And I'm like no way! And she's like totally way!!!


Apparently she promised lossfound he could turn. her. out. for a few months of high-end tricks if he'd use his mob connections to make the whole thing "go away".  He called hockeyfag and yourtourniquet who called in a couple of markers with some cops downtown and sprung the little hussy this morning.  I know you all remember what happened to atthestarz when she agreed to work the Shriner's convention for that slime ball.  I think doctors are STILL scraping her uterus!!!11!!

I'm meeting lacyunderall and lowercasedee tonight after work for dinner.  We may have to go some place dark and noisy.  Between the former's lazy eye and the latter's hairlip I doubt I'll make it through the appetizers before bolting for the door.  Maybe we can go to Rosie's on the east-end.  We might get free drinks if mandy_moon is working tonight!111!!!!  For those of you living under a rock, DUH! She had to get the job after her mom kicked her out when pricciar knocked her up last year after the junior prom!

This entry automatically generated by my own fucking imagination.
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damn, and I STILL haven't gotten laid for how long now ?


I'm with you there, brother. Nearly three years for me.

Dang...I will stop complaining now. Though, I should say, mostly my..predicament has been by design, rather than ill fated horrible luck ? lol
Maybe once the relationship I have with my car is over (finished) i'll be able to turn my mind to other things.


a smart man would make this entry go away if he knows what's good for 'im. who you think you dealin' wit? i fuckin' know people, man.

you have a hell of an imagination, as it has just been evidenced that i am the least convincing mob-connected person of all time.

Really? See I figured with your proximity to Chicago all of those years you probably had connections. ;-)

Sure. Dark so i don't have to look at the lazy eye and noisy so I don't have to hear the hairlip. ;-)

And dude...a HAIRLIP?

That's it, you're SOOOOOOO out of pickysluts. *heh*

you don't know i've got a lazy eye! unless amy told you about it. i hate amy!

woah! I totally win.


Indeed. In retrospect, maybe I should've claimed the privilege of having knocked-boots with Ms. Moon for myself in that tale and made you a handicapped invalid as the result of a penis-enlargment operation gone horribly wrong.

Hahaha! That one is much better!

I didn't mention it, but I was miffed that you weren't giving me handjobs at the party. ;-)

My hand jobs are good, but my blow jobs are great. You should hold out for one of those.

Goddam cokeheads...If I told'em once.... now my fuckin copy of G'n'F'n R's "Lies" won't play right.

By the by, where *does* one get one of those nifty fucking imaginations from? I simply *must* have one!

Good, clean fun.

Though I do wish I was the one with the cowboy outfit.

So Bob put "jenxteen" in some gmail search thing and guess what came up - this entry! All he could see was the first sentence and when he clicked it took him to LJ log in. He was waiting for me to get off a plane for a couple of hours to ask me about it. Since he couldn't see the whole entry the mind was racing!


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