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My adventure in Goldfield: Part 3
In part one of my adventure I mentioned the various buildings of eras past and present which still stand in Goldfield today.  In part two, I introduced you to the Goldfield Hotel and Clone World.  If inappropriately named gift shops, ghost stories and clones aren't weird enough, take a gander at these bad boys.

Now that is how you pimp a ride my friends.  And there are FOUR of them.  You can't really appreicate the detail and artistry in this custom car detailing from a distance, so let's move in for a closer look, shall we?

First, we'll start at the Dodge Van with the VW Beetle riding piggy-back.  I think you'll agree that "Cacophony" is the perfect term for this masterpiece.

As you can see, on top of the Bug is a railing.  A hatch has been cut into the top of it so someone can ride in the top and hold on!  I'm guessing that this, and most likely all three of these vehicles were probably conceived for use in some some parade.  Can't you just see the Homecoming King and Queen in their formal duds riding atop this monstrosity waving at the parade watchers.  The front of the van is where all the goodies are, though.

The most prominent feature is the cow skill mounted on the hood.  Right behind it on the dash sits another, smaller skull of some sort just behind the windshield in front of the Mr. Potato Head. You'll also notice an abundance of communication devices: an hold car horn & bell-speaker from a PA system (served on a cafeteria tray!) are present on the left and countless phones have been mounted everywhere, but seem to be in particularly high concentration on the right.  I think the stainless-steel bed pan just to the right of the skull is a nice touch. Even the grill and bumper are detailed.

Along the grill just under the hood you can see compact discs sticking out and what appears to be the handle from an old, mini-dishwasher.  Along the bumper there's an ancient cell-phone, a miniature mailbox, a camera, and my personal favorite, the hind-end of a Slinky-dog. On the roof is even more fun!

The centerpiece is a cooking pot that has been inverted.  Beneath it are slivers of a broken mirrorl carefully arranged to give the appearance that they are pouring out of the pot.  The centerpiece is balanced on either side by some common items: identical aersol cans, white track lighting fixtures, spray-bottle nozzles and whatever that brown, rusted thing that appears on either side is.  The glassware serves the purpose of symmetrical balance as well, present on both sides of the pot as it forms a semi-circle behind it.  But the semi-circle is slightly skewed toward the right, which draws your eyes that way.  You discover that the opposing hemispheres of the rooftop have their own focal points as well.  The glassware point you toward the most obvious, namely, the large silver champagne fountain.

I like how the eyes of the little toy robot is peaking out over the rim of the fountain.  You can see another phone is here, as well as a variety of plastic dinosaurs.  Something which appears to a lawn-gnome is mounted just to the right of the fountain.  No fountain is complete with a gnome nearby!  The collection of spray-bottle nozzels is sparse and lacking symmetry, though, in comparison to the other side.

This side has more of the plastic toys: a duck in a top hat, Fisher-Price people, the hind-end of a long horn cow beside what appears to be that Indian cartoon chick from the Disney movie, and a non-Barney purple dinosaur.  If you look really close to the far left of the photo, though, you can see Barney is here, too.  He looks like his color has faded a lot, though.

The next vehicle appears to be an 80's era Mustang/Fairlane.  The artists took a different approach with this vehicle.  It's not as "busy" with the amount of objects which differ in size and shape.  An abundance of objects are still used, but they are of similar shape and style, giving the vehicle a more elegant look.

What jumps out at you immediately are the over-sized lighting fixtures suspended above the hood and the big, red "O" which looks as if it could've been taken from an old motel sign (there is more proof of this on another vehicle). It is the fine details of this vehicle that makes it interesting, however.

For one, there are designs and faces painted on it in various places.  Also, the fender and hood were given "sequins" in the form of hundreds of metal slugs/tokens being glued to the body of the car while tassels were added around the wheel-well.

The third vehicle is a Japanese late-model car of some sort that has been outfitted with a boat and an additional bumper (complete with wastebasket!).

The boat is the most awesome thing about it.  As you can see, a spring-style hobby horse has been added to the bow like the ladies of pirate ships.

There's actually a general maritime motif to the entire design.  You can clearly see a shark and duck amidst the toys, but also there is what appears to be the bottom portion of an outboard motor (the big pink-ish thing).  The fan has been removed and it's been mounted upside-down.

But the last one was probably my favorite.  The Volvo Station Wagon, with a VW Bettle riding piggy-back AND pulling a pick-up truck bed that had been converted into a trailer, outfitted with a camper-top.

The best part about it, is that it appears to be a Christmas creation, as we shall soon see.  You'll notice on the side is a big, red "W".  This supports my theory for the "O" on the other vehicle having come from an old motel sign.  I think that's really an "M" that's just been inverted. The trailer has some fun stuff on it.  An old baby-doll, a hamster-wheel, a brass bed-frame, Yogi the Bear, and my favorite touch, a Hungry Hungry Hippos game!

From the front, the most striking feature at the two, large lances sticking from the roof.  But as you focus more on detail, you begin to notice the Christmas touches.

Notice the wreath above the skull, the Santa head on the bumper, the Frosty the Snowman behind the windshield on the dash, and another snowman the left beside the big grey speaker.  There's also the Chip from Beauty and the Beast along witj Kermit the Frog on the bumper.  There's even an Etch-A-Sketch and an Elvis license plate on the hood!

It's hard to tell what some of the smaller stuff is, though, without taking a closer look.

The white circles are plastic poker chips.  Also, dig the bowling trophy figurine collection along the very edge of the hood.  Brilliant!

When you look closer at the windshield, you notice more than Frosty on the dash...  there's also a couple more Santa Claus trinkets.

You may have noticed a collection of figurines on top of the Bug in one of the previous photos.  If you really want to have the Spirit of Christmas to touch your soul, you have to raise your gaze higher, higher, toward the Big Red Bug and it's load of Santas.

I hope you guys have enjoye these entries.  Goldfiled certainly was an interesting place and I had a blast exploring that strangeness which abounds.  I took around 80 photos that afternoon, all of which are online.  I have already covered the highpoints with these three entires, but if you're the type who's a completist, go have a look at them.
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Wow, that's awesome.

There's a few cars I've seen here that were pretty goofy. There's a VW bug that's covered in leopard-print fur, there's the old car that used to have hundreds of plaster hands sticking out of it, and a few other cars with random shit attached to it.

The coolest one I've seen was in Santa Cruz- a school bus had the top of a VW hippie bus sticking out of the top.

Those are really cool. I especially love the santa brigade.

When i was in high school I had a beater car (76 toyota corolla station wagon) and I took all my old GI Joe action figures, about 60 of them, and superglued them all over the car. I thought that was pretty cool. But these? Whoa! Awesome!

Yeah I like the Santa brigade, too. I don't suppose you have any old photos of that Corolla do ya? You goutha sacn 'em. That sounds awesome!

I don't have pictures, sadly. I wish I did.

I love how there's a sign on the side of that one that says Cacophony. That's great.

the more pics of this town the more it reminds me of the town in u-turn
i'm just waiting for a pic of some mechanic shirtless and covered from
stem to stern in grease with big magnifying lens glasses

Were they in a private yard, or was it attached to some sort of business?

Man, that's very tripped out. Very tripped out. I wonder what the story is behind both of those artworks? (clone world and pimp daddy world).

That is very, very cool.


Terrific! I love art cars! Tho I've never seen ones quite so resplendent in all 3 dimensions. Or should I say 'dementions'. heheh.

Here are some of my photos of art cars that visited Seattle that you may enjoy:


How are you able to make these side trops while trucking? Do you rent car a car or what?

Depends on where I am. When you're in a place like Nevada, finding a place to stick the truck for a few hours is no big deal. There's so much wide-open space that it's not an issue. When I was in Goldfield, I simply pulled into a side-street and found an empty lot to park in. Even in places like Vegas and Reno, so many places )hotels and casinos) cater to truckers that they all provide parking for them (actually this is typically true of casinos everywhere in the country)

As for this weekend, with NYC and Boston, it's a bit more complicated... I've got places to park and I'm using a combination of mass transit in NYC and a rental car for the trip to Boston...

Art cars? ............I.......dunno.... I more see someone like Bill Mosely in full get-up, riding about cackling and trying to pick up small children in these maniacally smoking, backfiring, warped calliope music playing contraptions, only to bring them back to his developmentally halted giant retard brother/father wearing a human skin suit and meticulously placing figurines on another psychomurdermobile -- so that he might have some new dolls to play with. Or maybe I just watch too many movies.

I would be curious to see the creator... perhaps just a lonely old soul who went nowhere in a deadend life and this was all they could muster for a creative breakout legacy. Damn the system that kept him on his knees all his life. Ah...what the mind of man will do to occupy itself in an utterly bankrupt environment....

Maybe it was an artschool dropout, driven insane by indecipherable postmodern bullshit, and these were his raging sarcastic jabs at DuChamp. God damn the French. Merd!

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