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no exposition, just my favorites from last night
i'm ready for my close up mr demille

59 new Slint photos in the gallery

Edit to add: My review/experience of the show at goodmorningcaptain.com
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that lighting is hilarious! wow. thanks for sharing with those of us who really wish we coulda been there.

Love the last b/w photo!!!

I'm going out on a limb and guessing you really like the band Slint.

All good, but the first and last ones are really strong. The last one's my favorite.

I don't know how on earth you were able to take these, but I'm impressed because the venues I've been to stop just short of a full cavity search when looking for contraband such as cameras, drugs, and pointy things. Double props on the quality. The last one is amazing. Have you considered selling your photography?

Thank you. Coming from a fellow shutterbug, I appreciate it probably a little more so than from some of the others.

As for the how: Irving Plaza had wands and they did a rough pat down of my jacket pockets. But, after the first night, I noticed that their wand didn't even pick-up my cell phone or belt buckle! They were probably set to only pick-up heavy metal like guns and knives. It became apparent to me that I could sneak my camera in under my jacket without much trouble. I just strapped it around my chest so that the camera was just above my hip, but behind my jacket pocket. My arms hid the bulk of it and they didn't make me open my jacket and all that silly business they do at some shows. Maybe it has something to do with the aging indie hipster demographic ;-)

I'm strictly a hobbiest at the moment. A lot of my better photos are pure luck and achieved through a brutal process of trial and error - basically I take a shit-load of photos and delete most of them. If I worked with film, it'd be hard to justify my hobby. :) The 59 "decent" photos that wound-up in my gallery came from an initial pool of around 120. Of those 59, maybe 2-3 are really good. I'm mostly shocked at how well some of these turned out since I so seldom shoot live subjects.

I try and be honest with myself about it. I think I'm decent with composition but... that's about it. Alot of the finer points of photography I'm only beginning to consider and only recently have begun exploring the possibilities available to me with my fancy-schmancy camera.

One thing's for certain. I need to get me a tripod.

Before I read this, I assumed that you do have a tripod. I do a lot with a quick shutter speed, but these seem crisper than mine usually do. Maybe you just have more pixels than I do. Or is it something else?

For these I had the aperture wide-open to let as much light in as I could then I went with as fast a shutter speed (1/16s) I could manage without getting blur... it still blurred pretty bad in color photos but the black and whites came out really crisp... the amount of pixelation may have something to do with it, too... but i'm not sure i'm qualified to to say for sure :)

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