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i saw you, though, walk by today with hippie Johnny
Doth the moon care for the barking of a dog?  -Robert Burton

Of course she does! 

So let's back up.  Monday, Jason and I did some cabinet delivering around Massachusetts until we discovered that we were leaking air from the brakes.  I could've babied the truck until we got out of the northeast, but since Jason was to be doing most of the driving, I thought it best to get them repaired.  This unfortauntely meant driving down to Connecticut to a truckstop.  Turns out it was merely a loose air line which they fixed in about 15 minutes. Of course this was after waiting for 4 hours! 

Then Tuesday morning, Jason announces that he needs to go home as soon as possible, since he has things to take care-of back in Illinois.  Rejoice!!!!11!!!  I suspect he has decided that trucking isn't for him, but just won't admit it.  In conversation he has mentioned some places he had put-in applications leaving messages for him.  I think he wants to sniff them out.  I hope something pans out because, quite frankly, he isn't going to cut it as a driver.  While he has improved a lot over the past couple of weeks, he still has a LOOONG way to go.  And I have serious reservations he would ever approach adequacy.

So Tuesday night, we parked in Quincy, MA and I met-up with mandy_moon again for the evening.  It was really neat when I walked out of the train station.  She and Buddy were waiting for me on a bench and Buddy had this look of recognition in his big, brown eyes.  This time I was not remiss in bringing certain items which I had promised, namely: shoes for her tree, a superball she unwittingly bounced from Massachusetts to Ohio, and what is quite possibly the world's giantest jawbreaker.  I'm happy to report that the Shrine of Lionel lives!  In hindsight, I wish I had taken a photo. We went to get some grub and she took me to a place where they have the BEST SANDWICH IN THE WORLD.  I mean, she even admitted having dreamt of this sandwich.  An opportunity like this could not be passed-over, so away we went.  It was indeed a very good sandwich.  It was probably enhanced by the really cool 70's rock overhead.  It's rare you get to hear The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks" or the Modern Lovers' "I'm Straight" anywhere other than your own stereo.

I wanna hold you, wanna hold you tight! Get teenage kicks right through the night!

So tonight I'm slowly getting snowed-in in Warwick, RI (hi rasa!).  They're calling for 6-10 inches!  We have one more stop to make in Coventry in the morning then we head back for Indiana.  He'll most likely get-off the truck in Allentown, PA or Springfield, OH.  I assume I'll get another trainee then, too.

I'm totally in love with Metric

Old world underground, where are you now?
Subtract my age from the mileage on my speeding heart
Credit cards accelerate, accumulate
Looked for you downtown
Wound up in a movie with no story
Now it's late and you are nowhere to be found

Hesitation's always mine
Hesitate outside the times
With all I don't say, with all I don't do
I'm sending you invitations to hesitate, too

Every ten year-old enemy soldier
Thinks falling bombs are shooting stars sometimes
But she doesn't make wishes on them
When she wishes, she wishes for less ways to wish for
More ways to work toward it
Ten year-old enemy soldier
Our falling bombs are her shooting stars

Hesitation's always mine
Hesitate outside the times
Oh call me or drop me a line
Say you've been with me
Say you've been with me
Say you've been with me
This whole time

Old world underground, I never knew you
But I've seen your face everywhere
There was a farm before we tore the small town down
Multiply, divide

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noooooo!! no more jasonisms!

Alas! All good things must come to an end.

you should write a recap of some of the best ;)

Some time when you know you're gonna stop over in Cincy/Northern KY you should drop me a line and I'll zip out and pound a nail up my nose for you or something.

What an awesome offer! Acutally, I seriously want to make it out to a Pickled Brothers performance one weekend when I'm home... and bring my camera! ;-)

When did 6-10 become snowed in?? ;-) That's not even late-for-work weather here...

It's 7:44 am and here I am on livejournal, looking at the intarent right in my own home!

Incredible, eh? The fact that I'm doing this at 7:44 am means I must be drastically overcompensating, especially since my first class isn't until 11:00 am today.

Buddy misses you. I know he does because when guests are around, I usually end up tossing him more cookies than usual.

It's 7:44 am and right now I'm thinking about how good that awesome sandwich would be right about now.

i miss buddy too... in retrospect, i guess it wasn't really fair of me to bring you all the cool stuff and not bring buddy soemthing... he probably felt a little left out... next time i come to boston i'll hafta bring him an extra-special gift

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