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random musings and noteworthy instances from the past week
Location: Wheeling, WV

I was so tired when I got around to writing that entry last night I forgot the best part of the day! Jason and I had spent the day picking-up returns from various cabinet outlets to take back to the plant in Indiana.  More precisely, I was.  I had decided on Tuesday since he was going to get-ff the truck, time was becoming more of a factor than a couple of days worth of tedious training.  In short, I could get the work done quicker if I did the driving.  So on Wednesday he rode around while I worked.  Late in the afternoon as we were leaving Bellighma, MA he crawled into the sleeper for a nap.  The next stop was a Home Depot in Seekonk, MA just east of Providence, RI.  I parked by the receiving door and went inside to get the returns.  After about 15 minutes of looking around and calling what were presumably more informed folks, the guy in receiving decided he couldn't find them.  Not a big deal, it happens.  So I went back to the truck and proceeded on toward another Home Depot in Warwick, RI, about 30 minutes southwest of where I was in Seekonk.  In Warwick, I spent maybe 30-45 minutes getting into the docks, loading-up, etc.  When I came back to the truck, there was a message waiting on the Qualcomm for me.

Jason was still in Seekonk!  This is the part in the story where I went "BWAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahhaha."

Apparently, at some point in the fifteen minutes I was inside, Jason got out of the truck.  He claims he tried to find me, however, he obviosly didn't come in through the receiving door or I would've seen him.  When he couldn't find me, he decided to go shopping!  When he came back from his food hunting and gathering I, of course, was gone.  Long gone.  In all fairness, perhaps I should've double-checked the bunk before leaving.  By the same token, I'm not someone's baby-sitter.  He's, techincally, a grown man.  He should've taken more responsbility in the matter in making sure I knew he had left the truck.  Even if it was just leaving a note on the driver's seat. Sheesh.

They have lots of fun names for towns in the northeast.  Seekonk is a fun name.  I think the town name of Woonsocket, RI has become my current favorite name, though .  How cool would it be to say "I'm from Wooooonsocket!"  It sounds like a euphemism that would be used in a bad Penthouse Letter.  "I thrust my manhood deep into her inviting woonsocket!"

A couple of months ago I had my first, real experience with Russian cuisine while visiting with atthestarz in Minneapolis.  My impression of it was less than stellar However, I was assured that the restaurant wasn't all the great in general, as it was her first time there, too.  When I was in Mahattan this past weekend, my pal mybluenotepad took me to a Ukranian place near Irving Plaza before the show.  I had some veal goulash that was spectacular.  Yay for good Russian food!

Also while in NYC, I did manage to catch-up with draysha68 and dcminser for breakfast at the Tick Tock Diner on Saturday morning.  Accroding to draysha68, they have the. best. pancakes.  And that may very well be, but I seldom eat pancakes.  Too rich and sweet for me.  And as an illusion to the itch Hedberg joke, about halfway through you're fucking sick of 'em.  Instead, I had an awesome omelet with mushroom, mozarella cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Mmmmm.  It was nice seeing he again and getting to meet David.  We talked and chugged coffee for nearly three hours.  They seem happy together, and in particular, draysha68 seems a lot happier, energetic, and enthusiastic.  Good for you, draysh68, everyone should have as much happiness as they can stand. :)

I think Jason may have had a "personality conflict" with me.  Whilst trying to negotiate his getting off the truck to "go home" for a few days and him acting really strange and secretive about it, it was relayed to me by someone in Student Planning that he wasn't going home.  Apparently, he was going to wait for another trainer.  Ha!  He doesn't know how good he had it.

When we were in Connecticut on Monday night, he had run into a dude that had been in orientation with him.  They sat in the truckstop for hours talking...  and I'm sure they compared notes.  Jason probably got the impression that he wasn't as far along as the other guy.  Well, duh.  I spoke with the other guy briefly and he was coherent and intelligent; of course he was further along than Jason. I knew something was up earlier today when I wrote my comments on the back of Jason's progress report.  He was driving while I wrote them, then we stopped for fuel and I hopped out of the truck to begin the process.  He was all. over. that report, reading what I had written, like white on rice...

like gravy on biscuits...
like flies on shit...
like bad cliches on my livejournal...

Whatever.  So long Jason.  Good luck... you're gonna need a shitload of it.

So I have a new trainee.  His name is Delroy.  He will be with me for the first half of his training, until stormodacentury joins me in mid-April.  Then I can talk shit about stormo and you can all laffs! at him.  Delroy is...  a trip!  I will talk more about Del at a later date and I think you, too shall see how interesting he is.  All I will say about him now is that, when he drove for the very first time tonight, he climbed from 2nd to 9th gear flawlessly.  I mean, he didn't grind a single one.  No trainee had done that yet.  I was impressed!  He's already a better driver than Jason.

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Wow.. he's fucked if he gets a trainer that doesn't have half the patience you do. You should let training know he read the report you wrote so they can warn his next trainer.. Do they know about his difficulties with basic concepts, like exits?

Actually, he's totally entitled to read the progress report, so that's not such a big deal. I was very explicit in my comments on that report about how easily he is confused by basic road signs. Just YESTERDAY, I was kinda dozing in the passenger seat as we were coming out Connecticut. I snapped out of it when I felt the truck slowing down. He had gotten confused by roadsigns as we were approaching the Cross Bronx and took an exit INTO the Bronx, like, onto a city street.

That was fun.

*bashes head against wall*

Woonsocket means "the beautiful place" in Wampanoag. Anything that ends in -et is Frenchified Wampanoag for "the place of".

And people like to say "I'm from WOonsocket, me!" because it's very French. I lived there for quite a while.

i have those headphones!

sennheisers yah

love em, LOVE EM.

Re: i have those headphones!

HD 212Pro's... mmm. They kinda squish my ears (I wear them like 8 hrs a day at work) but they so so rock. They block out enough background noise that I don't hear my coworker chewing her cud/snorting/playing with her slinky but I can hear people walk up behind me, and my phone.

<3 my Senns!

in some way, you have to admire jason for his tenacity.

that said, i hope he didn't make you look bad to anybody. it sounds like you take teaching very seriously, and it's also clear that you were a fucking saint to that guy. :)

I'm not worried about what he may or may not have conveyed to someone in the training department. They'll take that with a grain of salt, especially when compared with the quality of training received by me from the two students I've taken from start to finish. Both of them are fine drivers and out here every day making a buck for Werner. I also suspect that even a 15 minute conversation with Jason will leave them to conclude that he has no clue... about anything. For all the fun I've poked at Jason here, it was something that never transferred to my actual interaction with him. He definitely tested my patience, but I never gave up on him ;-).

Yeah, Jason should have left a note that he was out of the truck. It serves him right to be left after wandering off without telling you.

YOU made me giggle with the woonsocket thing. please try to incorporate that into your bedroom lingo. i love reading your trucking updates. they make me pine for life on the road.

I went to Seekonk once. It was boring. It seems like a lame place to get abandoned in. I thouht it was a funny name, too, but my favorite is Braintree, MA.

And was Del Shannen's first name really Delroy? No wonder his girl ran away.

Aww, I'm disappointed to hear that Jason did that to you, afer all you've done for him. But I do look forward to reading about Delroy.

Russian food, when prepared by someone who knows what they're doing, it AMAZINGLY good.

Never really have been a fan of Moscow on the Hill.

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