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Location: Lowell, IN

Holy cow.  I videotaped the entire show!  I obviously haven't had a chance to watch it on a TV screen, yet.  But I did play it back on the camcorder and checked out the sound through my headphones.  It sounds great!  This is so awesome.  I'm going to try and get it transferred to digital sometime in the coming weeks, even if I have to buy some gear to get it done.  What a perfect ending to my whole Slint ordeal.

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suggestion: buy a $140 iLo DVD reocrder at wal-mart (or its equivalent, the Lite-On they sell for $140 at Sams'). hook up your VCR. capture to a good quality DVDR. duplicate if at all possible. mail me the disc and magically, before your eyes (shitty Florida postal service permitting), it gets gussied-up. return the DVD recorder for full credit. :)

(optimally you'd send me the VHS master but that just sounds way too scary for everyone involved.)

my luck it'd get lost... actually, the camera is DVR as is the tape it was recorded upon... i'm guessing/hoping that camera can then transfer it digitally to a computer... while playing around with it i noticed it had a mysterious "USB function" button... but i didn't have the time to fiddle with it this weekend... the camera's owner just got it, so she doesn't really know either, not to mention she's woefully not un-tech-savvy...

my hope is that I can just somehow magically transfer it from the recorder to my laptop... i'm just not familiar enough with the equipment to be sure of its capability at the moment...

to start, you will need a firewire card, a video editing program that can cap in firewire, and a shitload of disk space. :)

some minidv cams can connect via USB2 but mostly that's for transferring stills, although some these days can swing both ways. and again, unless your laptop has USB2, you're in for a world of hurt. if you are going to try to transfer video over USB1, you might as well mark off the next five years of your life for the task.

i wish i could be more help but i've only been *tempted* so far to buy a minidv thing. i haven't ever actually had the privilege of playing with one. i *do* know that aforementioned $140 dvd recorder has a firewire in port though. but it's best to capture the dv straight to a computer and then mpeg it *after* you've done the cleanup work, etc.

at the moment, i'm leaning toward a PCI video capture card ... and doing an analog recording of the A/V stream on playback to disk... i can do that for under $30... if the recording is unbearable, then i'm only out 30 bucks, but if it's decent, that awesome!

bad idea.

a) it takes a very finely tuned machine to handle analog capture without problems, and a laptop stands very little chance of being such a finely-tuned machine (slow hard drives, etc.).

b) never, ever, ever, ever buy a cheap analog video capture card. trust me. i did.

c) don't you have a laptop anyway?!

d) firewire cards are pretty freaking cheap, even in PCMCIA format, and the results will likely be much, much better. you'll also have to tweak a lot less in advance.

i forgot to mention it rules.

well i have access to PCs... there's that nice P4 2.4Ghz I just built for my brother in which I could put the card and do my video capture...

i suppose I could go the firewire route... i'll definitely check out when i have more time for such folly....

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