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Jawbreaker showdown!
The World's Largest Jawbreaker

In this corner, soopageek, an adventerous, gastronomic wonder

Challenger mandy_moon has proved herself ruthless.  Look at poor Yoshi! Truly a fierce competitor.

mandy_moon taunted soopageek with photos of her progress, boasting of her ardour to accomplish such a feat despite an outbreak of hives and drawing blood from her 'breaker-lickin' tongue

soopageek countered with courage, despite the tales of oral carnage from his worthy adversary

soopageek is one color behind, but a champ like this cannot be underestimated.  The prize?  There is rumored to be the chewy goodness of bubblegum on the inside!  Not to mention, bragging rights for getting there first.
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We've had them in Australia for a fair old while. The last time I tried to eat one, years ago, it took ages.

They should start selling them in nightclubs, stop people chewing off their gums whilst buzzing off their heads with drugs....

Talkking about drugs, what on earth were you both on to go out and do that ??


It was a total whim. I saw them in a trucktop in Colorado. They had a candy store inside and I was thinking to myself "Man, I need to buy one of those." As I was buying it I thought "Man, I'll have to take pictures of this. Becky (mandy_moon will dig this. Duh, yo're going to see her later in the week just get her one."

So I did. And a (not so) legendary candy eating contest was born.

I'm curious though, how long did it take for you both to lick your way through ?


I'm not sure about her. I think she said she did it during an afternoon while sitting in a boring class. As for me, it took me a couple of hours to get the above result...

shhhhh, i'll let you in on a secret... *looks both ways*

i've already hit bubblegum! later after posting this I worked on the jawbreaker for a couple of more hours... i have it licked entirely in half now ;-)

I feel a diabetic coma coming on..

BTW, oral carnage sounds painful for both parties involved in the activity..

hehe... "oral carnage" does have a painful ring to it doesn't it?

my pancreas is going into convulsions just thinking of that much sugar... =Þ

this is just vomitously cute.

(Deleted comment)
my tongue and lips were soooo sore....

actually it would probably sound more like "mah thonne a lipf wah tho thor"

Ahhh, fond memories of 5th grade sugar highs...

that steak is my new item of fantasy... i will plan a vacation around it. where is it, and how big was it?

Amarillo, TX! Right on the interstate. A place called The Big Texan... the steak was 72oz. You pay $50 for the meal, if you can eat the entire meal in one hour, it's free!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I think you win by default. I got impatient for the sweet candy goodness and smashed it open with a hammer. The resulting shards are chewable.



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