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vh-1's 100 greatest hard rock artists

i just got cable a couple of days ago and i've been totalling vegging out in fron tof the tv all day.... i just got done watching vh-1's 100 greatest hard rock artists... i caught it around 60 in the countdown and decided to create my own top 20 and see how i'd rank with theirs.. i ranked my top ten and filled 11-20 as a general category.... here's how i did... :)

VH-1's countdown vs. (me)

20) Alice Cooper (n/a)
19) Clash (11-20)
18) Ozzy Osbourne (n/a)
17) Ramones (11-20)
16) Cream (11-20)
15) Pink Floyd (11-20)
14) Soundgarden (11-20)
13) Queen (N/A i just didn't even think of them)
12) Sex Pistols (11-20)
11) Aerosmith (8)
10) Kiss (11-20)
09) Guns N Roses (10)
08) The Who (3)
07) Van Halen (5)
06) Nirvana (2)
05) Metallica (6)
04) AC/DC (11-20)
03) Jimi Hendrix (4)
02) Black Sabbath (11-20)
01) Led Zeppelin (1)

#1 was a no brainer :)


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